Ingredient Spot Light: Ginseng

Ginseng is a popular ingredient in so many skin and hair products and is one of the main ingredients in our Stem Cell products, including our Stem Cell Face Mask. Although it doesn’t look appealing (like a parsnip with arms and legs) it works wonders. And this will come as no surprise to women across Asia where it’s been used as part of their health and beauty regime for centuries. It’s crammed full of medicinal components and is proven to help boost your collagen and brighten your complexion. So, here’s why we love ginseng.

Fights aging

Ginseng helps your production of collagen, a skin-plumping protein which causes your skin to replace old cells with new ones. This slows down with aging, which is why we produce wrinkles and our skin loses its plumpness. So, by boosting collagen, ginseng helps fight wrinkles and fine lines. It’s also full of phytonutrients (simply nutrients from plants) which can help get rid of free radicals. Free radicals build up when your skin has been exposed to the sun and can cause premature aging. So, as well as natural aging, ginseng can help fight aging caused by sun exposure, too.

Brightens complexions

One of the main properties of Ginseng is its ability to brighten the complexion and protect the skin from pigmentation caused by sun damage. It works by removing dead skin cells which dull your skin. Think of it as an exfoliator, but gentler. It has

even shown to have blood flow-boosting qualities, which helps brighten your skin even more by giving you a natural glow and so continues to fight signs of aging.

Diminishes dark circles

Not catching enough Z’s? The very same pigment fighting properties work on dark circles, too. No wonder it’s in so many eye creams within the beauty industry. It will brighten your eyes, hide the late nights and ease the puffiness.

Soothes the inflamed

As if there wasn’t enough ginseng could do, it also carries anti-inflammatory properties. From general skin irritations, shaving rashes and acne breakouts, ginseng can soothe and calm your skin. It is also used in treating rosacea and psoriasis.

Fights hair thinning

Ginseng also works wonders for your hair. It’s a key ingredient in our Stem Cell Haircare products, which helps stop hair thinning and repairs hair follicles. It’s shown to increase the number of cells in your scalp to prevent hair loss, and stimulate it too, to encourage more growth.

Final Thoughts

So ultimately, there isn’t much ginseng can’t do. As well as the extensive list above, it’s also recognized as an anti-bacterial and is known to reduce over-active oil glands. This list is most probably endless, and is still being researched, but for anti-aging and hair follicle strengthening it’s a definite go-to. And if you’re not convinced (I certainly am) give it a go for yourself with our skincare and haircare products at Cel. Whisk away those dark circles and wrinkles and wave hello to bright and glowing skin.