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10 Important Habits For Thick, Luscious Hair

Your hair doesn't need much looking after, right? Just make sure it's washed and trimmed often? Well, truth is our hair is actually much more delicate than we think. Everything from how often you wash your hair, to what pillowcase you sleep on can have a massive impact on its quality. By the age of 50, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair, and women actually make up 40% of American hair-loss sufferers (so it’s certainly not just a man’s problem!). And a lot of hair loss isn't even down to age, but down to how damaged your hair is through your own doing! So we've pulled together a blog with the habits you need to pick up to make sure you keep your hair healthy and full! 

1. Use sunscreen (yep, even on your hair)

Your hair doesn’t completely protect your scalp from harmful UV rays, so it’s important to put SPF along your hairline, where your parting is, to defend against sun damage. If you burn your scalp and it’s left peeling it can not only damage your hair follicles, but it will leave you flaky.

2. Look after your scalp

Having a healthy scalp is essential to having healthy hair, and the key to that is through the shampoo you use. Our very own Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner look after your scalp and nourishes any damaged or dying hair follicles, and a healthy scalp means healthy hair. It uses Stem Cell technology to help rewind hair thinning and make your hair follicles stronger. And if you’re suffering from dandruff, this simply means your scalp is reacting to a natural yeast on your skin. To read more about how to deal with dandruff have a read of our previous blog!

3. Finish with a cold blast

Once you’ve finished washing your hair in lukewarm water (avoid hot showers as it will dry your hair out), finish off your shower with a blast of cold water. It won't be enjoyable, but this rinse will help close the hair cuticle and give your strands a smoother and shinier look. And plus, if you have dyed hair, it’ll seal in your hair color too!

4. Dry your hair with a t-shirt

Using a towel to dry your wet hair is the quickest way to make it frizzy and cause breakage (tying the towel around your hair is also a cause of breakage). So instead, use an old t-shirt to squeeze and blot excess water out of your hair so your hair cuticle will be flat and smooth and it won't tear your hair follicles.

5. Do it yourself

Sometimes, a bit of DIY goes a long way. Dry hair? Turn to coconut oil. Static? Use a dryer sheet and rub it against your hair. Flyaways or baby hairs? Use an old toothbrush to tame them. 

6. Switch up your style

If you have the same hairstyle every day it can actually have negative effects on your hair. Whatever you prefer, switch it up every now and again. If your style is too tight, it can actually cause traction alopecia, which is a gradual thinning of the hair caused by too much force on your hair strands. So say 'bye-bye' to the day-to-day ponytail and give your hair a break.

7. Avoid heat styling

Everyone likes (and needs) a blow-dry every now and again, but too much heat can really damage your hair and heat damage can lead to hair loss. So try a different hairstyle 2-3 times a week which doesn’t need any heat styling.

8. Get trims regularly

Even if you’re planning on growing out your hair, you will still benefit from trims every six to eight weeks. Snipping off the split ends stops your hair from getting tangled in the shower. If your ends feel dry or damaged, it’s a sign you need a trim!

9. Avoid shampooing everyday

Shampoo will keep your scalp and hair clean, but ultimately the sulfates in them (the ingredient that makes it foam) will dry your hair out. For those with thin hair, use dry shampoo between washes, and for curly hair, use a cleansing conditioner and keep hair washing to every other day at the most. 

10. Silk pillow case

There are so many things that can cause breakage, and your choice of pillow case is one of them. The friction between your hair and a cotton pillowcase can cause frizz and flare-up. Use a silk pillowcase or wear a silk scarf to bed to minimize the damage while you snooze. (Top tip: silk pillowcases are also great for keeping your skin wrinkle-free!)

And most importantly, know that everyday can be a good hair day.

Looking after your hair will improve the quality of your hair from day one. Ultimately, being too harsh will cause breakage and lead to hair loss, which can often be so gradual it's hard to notice! Make sure you use a shampoo that will support hair growth, avoid heat styling and don't tie your hair up too often and you'll notice a difference in the quality straight away!



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