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7 Beauty Hacks For The Busy Woman
7 Beauty Hacks For The Busy Woman

Working hard and having an active social life often leaves little time for yourself, but self-care is just as important as any other part of your day to day life! Stress, pollutants, diets, and drinks can all have an impact on the health of your body, skin, and mind.

Looking good isn’t always about vanity, it’s also about feeling fantastic! Having self-confidence will benefit your happiness and your work performance – an endless cycle of positivity! When you’re happy, your body releases hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, which help to brighten your face and reduce stress! Stay beautiful at work with these 7 beauty hacks for the busy woman!

1. Drink Water

When you’re busy, it’s easy to forget about hydrating yourself. But there are so many benefits to drinking plenty of water! The first is that water prevents your skin from having breakouts because it replenishes the skin and hydrates the cells, which encourages the healing process.

Often, you’ll think of grabbing a quick coffee if you’re feeling thirsty or tired. Although coffee is a lifesaver at times, it’s also a dehydrator. Dehydration isn’t good for any part of the body, and that includes the skin! Without proper hydration, the skin becomes dry and colorless. You also need water for the production of collagen – collagen is what keeps your skin looking youthful!

Water also helps you to keep awake! It helps blood and oxygen flow around the body, giving your brain the power to feel awake and responsiveness. So next time you’re on your second or third coffee of the day, swap it for some water.

2. Eat Well

Eating a healthy balanced diet, as we know, is good for our health. And when you’re busy, rushing around, it can be hard to find the healthier options of a quick bite. But, your skin and your energy levels will thank you if you keep up with a balanced diet.

Sugary foods give you a short burst of energy, but they provoke troublesome breakouts on the skin! Foods that are high in salt are also dehydrators, so don’t forget your water if you’re consuming salt! Skin is sensitive to what you eat and drink, and unfortunately, a lot of on-the-go food has additives and ingredients that your skin tries to fight. Raw vegetables and fruit are easy to eat as snacks, give you energy, and require little to no prep!

3. Supplements

Getting the right nutrients for your body to function properly can be difficult when you’re on the go. But there are so many nutrients now that can provide you with the vitamins you might be missing, to get the best skin and hair, and also for your energy and immune system to work efficiently.

Iron deficiency can cause anemia, which causes you to feel weak and fatigued because the red blood cells can’t carry oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs. The deficiency negatively impacts both your inner body and the outer surface, such as skin and hair. Get iron from supplements, or in foods such as meat and seafood.

Vitamin B12 is also responsible for preventing anemia. B vitamins help turn food into energy, which you need to keep going on those particularly busy days! B12 is also known as Biotin, which is an essential nutrient for the healthy growth of hair and nails too! B12’s multiple talents are why you should incorporate it into your daily routine – it takes seconds to swallow a supplement. 

Vitamin C helps to boost collagen levels, keeping the skin looking plump and young. It’s found in a lot of fruits and vegetables, but also in supplement form.

We’ve formulated an Advanced Hair Supplement – it does more than just help the growth of hair, but also benefits the skin and nails too! They contain Biotin, Vitamin C, and Protein Peptides, which all promise to encourage healthy, thick hair to grow and to build collagen. 

4. Use Two-In-One Products

The main instigator for older, dryer looking skin is the UV rays from the sun. We often forget to put on SPF cream when the weather is a bit gray, but the sun can penetrate through clouds and mist!  

For a quick application in the mornings, try to find a moisturizer that already contains SPF. It will hydrate your skin and protect it from the dangerous rays, which will help your skin look brighter and feel softer, in both the short and long term!

5. Minimize On Make-Up

Makeup can be costly and time-consuming, and when it’s done in a rush on the subway, it can look a bit…lopsided. If you like to be artistic with your makeup, it might be time to cut it down to the bare essentials.

Or perhaps you could look into getting a more permanent fix to save time in the mornings. Microblading and eyebrow tattoos are popular options for maintaining well-shaped brows, and semi-permanent eyelash tinting for those who don’t want to bother with mascara every day. 

6. Utilize Shower Time

Having a long, hot shower is sometimes a luxury, with little time on your hands. But see that as a good thing – look forward to the day you can pamper yourself! Use high-quality products to make up for the lack of time you have. A 5-minute shower can be just as nice as a 30-minute shower.

Washing your hair less often is actually proven to improve the quality of your hair, too! You see, we produce something called sebum through our glands, some of which are located on the scalp. That sebum holds natural bacteria, which is good for us for a little while. It’s recommended that you wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week, unless you have particularly thin, greasy hair, which should be washed more regularly. So, save your hair washes, which will save you time!

7. Try Gel Nail Polish

Having lovely painted nails can be a way of expressing yourself! Or, it can be a fun activity. But unfortunately, it can be time-consuming, and also frustrating when it begins to chip. Cheap nail polishes don’t last long, meaning you’re looking for the time to top it up or take it off.  

So, try gel nail polish. It lasts a lot longer and dries super quickly! You can apply it within 30 seconds, using a UV lamp, which you can buy for yourself, or get done in a nail salon.

Final Thoughts

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves and look good. Whether you’re a working lady, a hard-working student, or a busy mom, your self-care routine should be fit into your full-on schedule! Taking care of yourself will benefit your work, your confidence, and your happiness.


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