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7 "Hair-Killing" Habits EVERY Woman Over 30 Should Know About

By the time we reach our thirties, we’re knowledgeable about the do's and don't's of hair care, and what we need to do in order to look after our locks.

We’ve spent our teens trialing lavish colors and over-styling until our hair falls out, and our twenties investing in a well-thought-out hair washing routine and more nourishing products, but after we reach 30 is when the damage can take longer to repair.

This is the time in our lives we need to concentrate on repairing, restoring and kicking any hair-killing habits to the curb.

In order to fine-tune our hair-raising behaviors, we first need to understand how even the smallest acts can have a big impact on our locks...

We’ve put together the seven most common habits that are damaging your hair far more than you may realize - and some may surprise you. By becoming more conscious of these routine actions, you can start to eliminate and replace them with more strand-friendly and nourishing alternatives, leaving your hair in the best condition possible. 

1. Not Managing Your Stress

The Problem

Stress raises the hormone in our body called Cortisol, which has been known to lead to hair loss and follicle damage if over-produced. Stress-induced hair loss (or telogen effluvium) can occur temporarily, or have a more permanent effect, depending on whether the cause is hormonal - for example, during pregnancy - or physical - when you literally pull or scratch your hair out due to your stress levels. [1]

The Cure

Managing your stress levels and trying to relieve the cause of your worries is the best place to start. Exercise, meditation, and yoga have all been proven stress-relievers, and even some breathing exercises can reduce stress levels naturally. Exercise is proven to boost endorphin levels and alleviate stress, and even just 20 mins of brisk walking will do the trick!

2. Using Styling Tools That Are Too Hot

The Problem

Many modern styling tools are extremely effective but far too hot for our poor hair to handle! Those perfect curls come at a cost, and this high-heat application can leave our lengths sizzled. They not only break the hair shaft causing split ends, but can even damage the scalp, causing greasy roots and impairing future growth, too. 

The Cure

If you are partial to a regular blow-dry or can’t leave the house without poker-straight locks, you may want to re-think your style to a more suitable, and less damaging, alternative. Set your hairdryer to a cooler setting, and ALWAYS use a heat-protection spray before applying any tools to your hair. Try and find an easy up-do to wear your hair in on more casual days, to give it a break from over-styling. 

3. Not Protecting Your Hair From The Sun

The Problem

Similarly to how the UV rays from the sun can cause the most damage to our skin, they also play havoc with our hair. Sun exposure can dry out and damage your locks, as well as affect the cuticle and hair fiber on your scalp, to make it more prone to breakage. Sun exposure can also strip the color out, and frazzle your ends if you're not careful.

The Cure

If you are in the sun a lot, invest in a high-quality SPF hair mask, a leave-in conditioner, or even just a hat! Simple, but effective, the sun is not your hair’s friend! You need to treat your hair with the same level of protection and care that you treat your skin, or a dry, straw-like head of hair could be the consequence. 

4. Not Visiting The Hairdresser Enough

The Problem

Often, those with thinning hair or suffering fro hair loss become extremely protective of their hair, and think that by not getting it cut, it will grow longer and stronger. But this isn’t the best strategy. When you don’t trim your hair, damaged ends can creep up the shaft, leading to more hair needing to be trimmed off when you do eventually go. Visiting the hairdresser can also teach you better ways to look after your locks, and give your hair a bit of much-needed TLC.

The Cure

It’s best to visit your hairdresser every 8 weeks, even just for a few centimeters off, to help your hair grow thicker and healthier. Your hair-care professional can also recommend products and methods you can try, in order to repair any damage you may have.

5. Tying Your Hair Up Too Tightly

The Problem

High ponytails, braids, cornrows, and buns all look amazing, but these tight hairstyles can lead to extreme breakage and hair thinning if worn too often. The constant tension can damage the hair follicle, leading to a condition called Traction Alopecia [2]. Traction Alopecia can occur in anyone, young or old, and usually presents itself as thinning at the hairline and receding temples.

The Cure

If you tie your hair up frequently, especially for working out, make sure you use hair-friendly ties like the Invisi-bobble, or even better, a soft scrunchie – rather than a tight elastic tie. Make sure you are gentle when you pull the hair tie out, too, and try not to tug at it too hard if it gets caught. Always remember to let your hair relax overnight, and sleep with it free and down. Giving yourself a post-gym head massage once your hair is down will also promote blood flow to the scalp and restore any damage done from the tight 'do. 

6. Playing With Your Hair Too Much

The Problem

Meditatively twirling your hair around your fingers, or nervously playing at your locks, is a common habit that doesn’t appear to be causing much harm. But in reality, this subconscious hair-twiddling can contribute to hair loss over time. If the hair is put under constant tension, it pulls out to relieve this pressure, which is known as trichotillomania and can be hard to re-grow from. 

The Cure

Invest in something to distract your hands that isn’t your hair! Fidget cubes or worry beads are great to keep your fingertips busy, or even attach a piece of ribbon to a keychain and twirl that instead. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues to keep aware of your twiddling, and get them to tell you to stop when they see you do it. Often, we play with our hair without realizing, so becoming more conscious of this behavior will help us stop the habit.

7. Over Washing

The Problem

Although shampooing is necessary for optimal hair and scalp health, there is such thing as washing your hair too much. Over-washing can lead to breakage, especially if the shampoo is packed with harmful, drying ingredients - like many cheaper, supermarket brands. These cheaper products can also strip your scalp of essential oils needed to maintain the health of your locks, especially when used every day. If you have dry, brittle hair, a moisturizing shampoo with high-quality ingredients is essential for preventing more breakage and keeping your hair healthy and nourished. 

The Cure

At Cel, we’ve been committed to creating highly-effective, science-driven hair care products that really work. Our best-selling Nanotech Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner utilizes Ginseng Stem Cell Technology to deliver real results. Repair and restore thicker, fuller-looking hair and nourish your scalp with the exact vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health.

Final Thoughts

Our hair is a complex and beautiful part of our anatomy, and it needs to be treated right in order to look and feel its best. There are many habits we pick up in our lives, consciously or not, that can hinder the health and appearance of our tresses - but remembering which ones to avoid or amend could lead to thicker, longer, healthier-looking locks.



Rachel Cleverley

Part writer, part skin-care enthusiast, I can usually be found blogging away with the latest facemask or eye cream on! With specific interest in how our health and fitness can affect our beauty routine, and how science can boost regular, drugstore products.


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