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7 Nifty Tips To Care For Your Skin On Vacation

There’s nothing better than taking a nice break from everyday life and going on a trip to somewhere where you can escape. But sometimes, the practicalities can ruin the magic of a vacation.

Skincare routines do depend on your skin type, and the environment and climate you live in, but that doesn’t mean you should be lax when it comes to going on vacation. 

We know it’s difficult to know exactly what to do when you go to a different climate and only have so much luggage space, but we’ve put together some nifty tips for you to keep your skin glowing, on whichever type of vacation you like!

1. Drink Lots Of Water

It’s easy to choose to drink chilled soda drinks when you’re on a hot vacation, or perhaps some hot chocolate or coffee when it’s on the colder side. But these drinks can be catastrophic for your skin! 

Sweet drinks are full of sugar, and consuming a lot of sugar will lead to breakouts on the skin. A large intake of sugar also increases inflammation, which exacerbates blemishes and skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

Sugar consumption causes the body to release the stress hormone, cortisol, which in turn causes the glands to produce more oil. Oily skin tends to produce more pimples, which is why you may notice spots appearing on your face. 

Caffeine is good for you in small doses, but it’s a dehydrator, and that can cause the skin to look dull and tired. It also speeds up the aging process, because when dehydrated, your body isn’t producing enough collagen. So, if you are consuming caffeine (whether on vacation or not), make sure you’re drinking water, too!

2. Enjoy The Good Food

As with the sugary drinks, sweet snacks, or white carbohydrates, will inevitably increase the number of blemishes and spots on your skin. So, when you’re eating out at new places, try the local foods, but be aware of the amount of sugar that could be in it.

Lacking good nutrition and consuming too much sugar can also cause premature aging. You see, your body needs well-rounded nutrition and a healthy diet in order to produce collagen, which is what keeps skin looking young. Without collagen, wrinkles and sagging occur on the thinner parts of the skin.

3. SPF Is Always Necessary

Sun exposure is a catalyst for aging and damaged skin! It actually accounts for 90% of skin aging, so it is incredibly important to apply SPF every day, especially to the more sensitive skin, which is on your face, hands, and neck.

Allowing the sun to penetrate your skin, without any protection from SPF, you heighten the risk of skin damage, including skin cancer. There are two types of rays from the sun – UVA and UVB. UVB is what burns the surface of the skin, while UVA is what digs deep into the skin and can alter the body’s natural skin cells.

Too much UVA can damage your DNA, and cause the skin cells to go out of whack. Cells may multiply and grow too fast, which can cause cancer. The most common form of skin cancer from sun damage is called Melanoma.

So, stock up on SPF 30+!

4. Shade Your Face

To get extra protection from the sun, don’t underestimate the power of a sun hat. Keeping your face in the shade will keep your skin from burning and aging. But, don’t just assume we mean for a hot holiday!

The sun can damage your skin in any weather. If you like to ski, the sun is likely to attack the skin on your face, due to the reflection from the snow and ice. That’s why you might see people with funny goggle marks… 

Find items of clothing and sports gear that will shade your face as much as possible or cover it up with a scarf for example. Sports helmets often come with visors on the front, and for a more relaxed vacation, a nice wide sun hat will do wonders!

5. After Sun, Too

We can’t always be as vigilant as we want, and sometimes the sun is stronger than we expect. So, if you do experience sunburn, don’t neglect your skin of some aftercare.

Products that moisturize the skin can prevent peeling and painful burns from continuing. Aloe Vera is effective at soothing painful skin burn, too. If you don’t care for your skin after sun exposure, it can become dry and flaky, which not only looks and feels unpleasant but in some cases, it can increase your risk of catching infections. By moisturizing the skin, it speeds up the healing process.

6. Stick To A Routine

Even though you’re on a trip, away from normal life, it doesn’t mean you should fall out of good habits! Here at Cel, we love a good skincare routine, and it’s no different for people who are on vacation. 

Different weather can affect your skin in different ways, so you may find that you have to add or take away some steps in your routine. But, don’t forget your SPF! To know more about how weather affects your skin, read our previous blog: ‘The Shocking Ways That Different Climates Affect Your Skin’

7. And On The Journey

The air that circulates around in trains and airplanes is often artificial and it can harm the surface of the skin. It often dries out your skin, which can leave you departing the flight looking tired and skin looking dull.

You can start your holiday skincare on the journey! Make sure your face is clean of any makeup before you do anything. Wash your hands and rinse your face, before applying a hydrating face mask to help boost the skin with moisture before you hop on the plane.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to care for your skin on vacation shouldn’t seem daunting. You just have to stick to a routine! Be aware of the nutrition you’re getting from food and drinks, and stay hydrated as much as possible. You might find that you don’t get enough sleep, down to the excitement, or maybe you struggle to sleep in new places – so, counteract the lack of sleep by caring for your skin. And, enjoy your holiday!



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