Can Micro-Needling Banish Aging Skin For Good?

Microneedling Pros & Cons

For the past 10 or so years, botox ruled the roost when it came to extreme anti-aging, but it finally has a contender...

Microneedling, also known as dermarolling, has been hailed as the non-invasive way to get youthful skin (and not to mention its claimed ability to banish stretch marks and acne scars for good!), and has taken the beauty world by storm.

But, what do you know about microneedling, and would you ever go under the needle yourself?

Microneedling Pros & Cons: The Pros

How Does It Work? Can Microneedling Banish Skin Woes?

Microneedling works by pushing or rolling microscopic needles into your skin to create very small and controlled punctures. By doing this, your skin is forced into repair mode, encouraging dormant scars to heal and new cells to produce.

When your skin enters into repair mode, it begins to produce more collagen and elastin. These are both the building blocks of your skin, and as we age and these both decrease, our skin begins to wrinkle and sag. By encouraging your skin to produce more collagen via microneedling, you can experience plumper and more youthful skin. It can also help with texture, pigmentation and is thought to heal even the most dormant scars.

By micro-needling, gradually and over time, your skin will be encouraged to renew itself, boost collagen production and stimulate stubborn scars to heal. 

Is Microneedling Safe To Do At Home?

There isn’t a right or wrong way to start micro-needling, although at-home treatments won’t be as harsh on your skin and you can take your time with it. 

When it comes to getting it done professionally, you’ll probably have to return and get them same treatment around 3-5 times, with 4-6 week intervals.

If you’re doing it at home, you can use it around 2-3 times a week, or as often as your skin allows (Dependant on your skin's healing time and your preference).

However, if you decide to embark on the at-home route, you do need to make sure that the roller is sterilized and that your skin is cleansed. You should also avoid using a derma-roller on certain skin types... Because you’re causing micro injuries on your skin, be sure not to use a dermaroller on broken skin, or if you suffer from eczema, hypersensitive skin or if your skin is currently severely sun burnt.

One of the main benefits of using it at home is that you can use microneedling to boost your skincare routine, as the micro injuries on your skin means that products will be able to work more effectively as your skin can absorb them, therefore making them more effective. 

Microneedling Pros & Cons: The Cons

Like any cosmetic treatment, if it’s done incorrectly, there can be some side effects. Skin irritation and bleeding is the main con when it comes to microneedling, and doing it too much without allowing time for your skin to recover in between can also have adverse effects.

Another down-side to dermarolling is the possiblitly of infection. Ultimately, you are piercing tiny holes in your skin, leaving it open and vulnerable to infection. If you share rollers, don’t clean your roller properly, or expose your skin to dirt and germs too soon after treatment, there is of course the possibility of infection. Make sure you protect your skin and undergo treatment in a clean, sterile environment to reduce the risks!

Using Microneedling Alongside Your Skincare Routine

At Cel, we’ve created a skin care range built to ultilize Stem Cell Technology, encouraging high cell turnover in the same way microneedling does. By using Stem Cells in your skincare you’re making sure you’re increasing the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin. By using microneedling alongside our products, your skin cells will experience a higher turnover, therefore keeping your skin youthful and encouraging dormant scars to heal.

We recommend using a dermaroller alongside our fantastic, scientifically optimized Stem Cell Face Mask. Once you have used the derma roller, apply the Stem Cell mask and leave on for your skin to soak in the plant stem cells which encourage the production of collagen and help renew damaged cells. When used together, you can work to heal dormant scars and encourage youthful and plump skin effectively. 


So, What's The Verdict? Can Microneedling Banish Skins Woes?

If you don't fancy the affectionately-termed 'vampire facial', our Stem Cell Face Mask works in a similar way to even out skin tone and boost collagen. When used together, you can give yourself the ultimate facial, but even the Sheet Mask can transform your skin after the first use!



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