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What Causes Dry Frizzy Hair & Dry Roots?
What Causes Dry Frizzy Hair & Dry Roots?

Frizzy hair + dry roots = one bad hair day. But what are the causes of dry hair and what can you do to help it?


The most interesting thing about dry, frizzy hair is that it doesn’t look the same for all people! If you have fine hair, your version of frizzy hair will probably be limp and lifeless, whereas curly and wavy hair may experience more of a puffy, poodle-like look! 

However, the causes are universal (as well as being unpleasant to have)! Dry hair and dry roots can affect all hair types, belonging to all genders and it’s typically because the hair is struggling to retain moisture.

Let’s take a look at the most common dry hair and dry root causes whilst also learning how to fix the frizz if you suspect one of the below is the reason behind your moisture-lacking mane…

Your dry, frizzy hair is damaged

Frizzy, dry hair and dry roots usually appear because of a combination of environmental aggressors and poorly conditioned hair (broken and damaged hair is more prone to become frazzled).

When hair is healthy, it’s structure is denser, so it can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture. But dry hair is more porous so will absorb nearly double and become frizzy and dry as a result!

The Fix: The only way to completely fix broken hair is by cutting it. However, if you want to stop the damage happening again, read our blog on How To: Reduce, Negate, and Prevent Hair Breakage.

Your dry, frizzy hair is because of the weather


When it’s hot, that means the moisture in the air is too… and our hair absorbs it! When it’s humid, the microscopic water droplets in the air fill the gaps (particularly in damaged hair) of the hair strand structure.

So, in order to prevent this from happening, your hair has got to be in good nick. If your hair is already in good condition and got a good moisture level, it will be less likely to absorb humidity.

Cold and dry

In winter months, the air is colder and drier and as we move constantly between outside and inside (cold and warm), our hair can become static and frizzy.

This is because the air around is holding little to no moisture when it’s cold, so it ends up charging our hair with electrons causing a magnetic effect (your hair strands literally start repelling each other!): some freezing no-fun frizz!

The Fix: All year round you need to maintain your hair’s moisture levels to prevent it from being affected by harsh weather conditions.

A great way of hydrating the hair is by using a hair mask or hair oils once to twice a week, like Cel’s Microstem Hair Thickening Mask. This brilliant mask is designed specifically for dry, damaged, and frizz-prone hair in need of taming. It’s formula includes a powerful blend of scientifically-optimized plant extracts, including the go-to hair guru ingredient ginseng, that strengthens and smooths hair.

Cel’s Microstem Hair Thickening Mask protects your hair from day-to-day damage and contains glycerin: a non-toxic sugar compound that works as a moisture sponge to keep your scalp and hair hydrated. Make it a staple in your hair care regime today!

The temperature of your shower is causing your dry roots and frizzy hair

We all love a super hot shower, but it’s terrible for your hair and scalp health. High-temperature water will weaken your hair, elevate the cuticles of your hair strands, dry out your scalp and cause your locks to become frizzy and brittle.

The Fix: Turn down the heat when it comes to your wash and shorten the length of your showers. This will save the health of your hair.

You’re using products with sulfates and that's causing your dry roots and frizzy hair

Sulfates are strong detergents, simply added to hair products like shampoo to give a more dramatic lather effect, which we’ve been told as consumers is nicer and better.

Unfortunately, this is false! Sulfates are actually really aggressive and strip our hair of natural oils that are essential for moisture retention.

The Fix: Turn to sulfate-free product lines, like all of Cel’s Hair Care Range, particularly your frequent products like shampoo and conditioner.

Cel’s Re:Gen Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner are both sulfate-free and paraben-free, as well as cruelty-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, and suitable for all hair types (including chemically treated and color-treated hair!) so you can shop and wash your hair in confidence.

Washing your hair too much can cause dry roots and frizzy hair

When we wash our hair it’s to rid it of dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt and grime. If you’re washing it too much you're just stripping it of its natural oils and therefore its ability to maintain its natural water levels. What does that mean? You got it! Dry, frazzled hair.

The Fix: Get to know your mane and wash it in the way it wants! Read up on how much you should be washing your hair according to your hair type here.

Towel drying too aggressively can cause dry, frizzy hair

When our hair is wet, it is at its most fragile state and more prone to damage. Bath towels are pretty abrasive, so when we wrap our hair up in them after washing this can quickly lead to damage and unwanted frizz. If your hair is curly, this unnecessary friction can also cause clumps and deformed coils.

The Fix: Simply blot the hair with the towel instead and patiently remove the moisture. Invest in a microfiber towel too, as these gently absorb excess moisture better than your average towel. This should protect your hair’s health.

Over-styling with hot tools can cause dry, frizzy hair

The high temperatures from your flat-ironing, blow-drys, tongs and wands will lead to loss of hair moisture and cause damage gradually over time, which we now know leads to frizz.

The Fix: Try to heat style less frequently, turn down the temperature when you do, and always use a heat protecting spray when styling to help protect the hair!

Final thoughts on how to combat dry roots and frizzy hair

Upping the quality of your hair care products and perfecting your hair care regime are both going to contribute massively to your hair’s health and reduce your frizz and dryness issues.

Healthy hair is possible… You’ve just got to be prepared to give it that all-important TLC!


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