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Gray Hair Care: Your Ultimate Guide

How To Care For Gray Hair


Did you know that there actually is no such thing as gray hair!? Gray hair is simply hair that lacks pigment… Meaning it’s actually white! It appears gray to the eye when it is amongst strands that still carry some pigment/color.

To-may-toe or to-mah-to – whether you see gray, silver or white, the hair has changed, or is changing, its color and you’re probably wondering what you need to do to support it’s transition and keep your new, natural and beautiful shade vibrant, bright and healthy!

How To Care For Gray Hair

Gray Hair Care: UV Protection

Due to its lack of pigment, gray/white hair is at a higher risk of being damaged by the sun’s UV rays. It’s vital you take its protection seriously when in the sun in order to keep it healthy and strong.

Invest in a hat, and some UV protection spray for hair. Also remember that the sun is at it’s strongest between 10am-4pm, so seek out the shade during this time, particularly in summer months or when on holiday.

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Gray Hair Care: Targeted Shampoo

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Invest In The Best Sulfate Free Shampoo For Gray Hair

White, silver or gray hair is more vulnerable to discoloration so if you want to discourage brassy, duller tones you need to use sulfate-free, targeted products like Cel’s Silver Hair Enhancing Milk!

Cel’s hydrating Silver Hair Enhancing Milk is designed to act as both a shampoo and a conditioner, to revive gray hair, restore brightness, and prevent yellow tones that are caused by the sun and other environmental stressors. This product is enriched with a unique blend of ingredients to ensure that hair is hydrated and replenished with much-needed oils to keep hair moisturized.

It also contains violet pigments – an anti-yellowing agent, antioxidants, and a number of hydrating oils to deliver an effective cleanse, neutralize yellow, brassy undertones, and provide your hair with essential moisture to allow you to embrace your natural silver strands!

The Silver Hair Enhancing Milk is suitable for vegans as well as being gluten, dairy, cruelty, paraben and sulfate-free! Sulfates can strip natural oils from the scalp, and as gray hair is also more likely to become dry and brittle, this is the last thing you want to exacerbate!

Is our Silver Hair Enhancing Milk the best sulfate free shampoo for gray hair? We think so!

Gray Hair Care: Thicken & Smooth

Yes, gray hair is also more at risk of becoming frizzy, coarse, and thinner nearer the ends. So, as well as using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for gray hair, you need to look at thickening and conditioning products that hydrate, volumize and smooth.

Take Cel’s hypoallergenic Microstem Hair Thickening Mask. This advanced keratin, biotin and argan oil rich hair thickening mask provides astonishing hydration and volume. Utilizing advanced argan oil; weak, gray hair can be rejuvenated from the first use, helping to instantly improve the appearance of coarseness & frizz.

After washing your hair with the Silver Hair Enhancing Milk, rinse thoroughly and apply a generous amount of Microstem Hair Thickening Mask to your locks from root to tip, paying particular attention to the ends. Leave for at least a minute (longer for deeper conditioning) before rinsing thoroughly. Use twice a week for best results!

Gray Hair Care: Brush Your Hair Every Night

Brushing your hair every night will help distribute the natural oils produced on the scalp down the entire length of the hair strands. This will help your gray hair (that can lean towards the drier side) become smoother, silkier and shinier.

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Gray Hair Care: Protect It From Harsh Water

If you swim in chlorine, this can lead to the discoloring of gray hair. Try to wear a swim cap, and in addition, rinse the hair through with clean, non-chlorinated water before and after to stop the chlorine soaking into your locks.

If you live in a hard water area, the mineral deposits in it can also discolor gray hair. They can also make hair limp and lifeless. Consider attaching a filter to your shower head to stop this from occurring, which will in fact benefit all hair types in your household!

How To Care For Gray Hair: Our Final Thoughts

Embracing your gray hair can be an empowering experience. It’s also less hassle and less expensive if you choose to own this look! Gray hair is also on trend and we think for a good reason: it’s absolutely gorgeous.

So, enjoy your new gray hair care regime and embrace this new chapter of your hair’s life with confidence.

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