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Why You Should Be Using A Hair Turban Towel
Why You Should Be Using A Hair Turban Towel

What Are The Benefits Of A Hair Towel Wrap?


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Summary: In this blog we detail and explore what a hair turban towel or hair towel wrap is. We’ll discuss what benefits of ditching a regular bath towel are for your hair, what a hair turban towel does and how to use a hair towel wrap! Read on to discover more about hair turban towels and hair towel wraps…


What Is A Hair Towel Wrap/Hair Turban Towel?

A hair towel wrap or hair turban towel are designed specifically to dry hair in a safe way that diminishes the risk of frizz or damage to the hair occurring. They typically absorb the moisture from your hair without tugging or causing friction with the hair strands (which can cause breakage) and help dry your hair in less time too!

As your hair is at it’s most vulnerable when wet, a hair turban towel feels like a no-brainer…

Hair Turban Towel: What Are The Benefits Of A Hair Towel Wrap?

There are many benefits to using a hair turban towel or hair towel wrap. These include;

A faster drying time; a hair drying towel helps dry your hair quicker than a regular shower towel! The materials used in these specifically designed towels are better and more efficient at absorbing the moisture from hair strands than your smaller, regular bath towels can. 

Less risk of damage to the hair; your hair is at its most vulnerable to breakage and damage when it’s wet. The traditional cotton towels we use to wick moisture away from our bodies are more harsh on hair. The friction they cause when towel drying hair can lead to our delicate strands fraying, breaking and splitting. A properly targeted hair towel wrap is made of material that absorbs moisture without creating unwanted friction and thus lessening risk of damage to the hair. 

Easier to use and more secure; we’ve all had the added stress of balancing a bath towel on top of our head as we apply our makeup… A hair turban towel is more secure, so will stay in place whilst you let your locks dry and get yourself ready. 

Say bye-bye to heat damage; a hair towel wrap that’s designed to dry your locks in a safer, more comfortable way can also help you kiss goodbye to heat damage brought on by blow drying. 

Hair Towel Wrap: What Should I Consider When Looking For A Hair Turban Towel?

So, you’re thinking about investing in a hair towel wrap! Here’s what to look for and consider when choosing the one for you…

Look for a hair turban towel made with natural materials; we here at Cel think a bamboo hair towel is best. It’s a sustainable material so better for the planet, ultra absorbent, and odor-free. Some hair turban towels are infused with oils like argan oil, which can be incredibly nourishing for hair so look out for these bonus perks too!

Source from a reputable brand; always source products like bamboo hair turban towels from brands you can trust and those that clearly state their commitment to sustainability, whilst making high quality hair-care… like Cel.

How To Use A Hair Towel Wrap

  1. After washing your hair, detangle your strands, preferably with a wide-tooth comb as this is the safest tool to use on wet, vulnerable hair. 
  2. Next, flip your hair upside down and place the widest part of the towel over the back of your head. Then, the hair in front of you should rest in the thinner part of the towel.
  3. Close the towel around the hair and twist it a few times. This shouldn’t pull or hurt; if it does, you’re doing it too tightly. 
  4. Lastly, secure the towel by buttoning the tip of it in the hole at the nape of the neck. 

Voila – Consider yourself wrapped!

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