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Forget Bad Hair Days With These 6 Hair-Saving Habits!

A good hair day can make all the difference to our confidence and self-esteem, so it's pretty frustrating when a good hair day is few and far between!

Why is it so hard to get that million-dollar, salon-fresh look, from the comfort of your own home?

We spend so much of our time trying to master different techniques to achieve that Hollywood hairstyle, but all too often, it lets us down. And, the frustrating fact is that the more we style and play with our hair, the more damage we're causing!

The question is, can we undo the damage done? And if so, how? Well, you can improve the appearance, feel, and health of our hair, by adopting these 6 habits... so what are you waiting for?!

1. Lower The Heat

Blow-dryers - they’re a quick and easy way to dry our hair when we need to get going! But do you know what all that heat is doing to your locks?

The higher the heat you use, the more damage you’re doing. Hair can only withstand so much heat, and when it’s hit with hot air, our hair shaft is damaged, meaning your hair is more prone to split ends and breakages. It is even more important to lower the heat you use if you have fine hair, but regardless of hair type, you shouldn't be using their dryer above the medium heat setting [i]. For the least damage possible, try to hold your dryer about 6 inches from your head, on a low-level heat, and use a heat-protection product before.

Hairdryers aren't the only heat producing appliance to worry about. You also need to consider styling tools, such as straightening and curlers irons. These devices should be used cautiously, limiting your weekly usage as much as possible. Using them sporadically, with a heat protection spray, will lessen the damage to the hair fibers, which will keep your hair looking and feeling healthier every day!

2. Try Hair Boosting Supplements

Any skepticism you have of supplements, let it be gone! There are certain ingredients which are proven to help the health of skin and hair, so let’s look at two of our favorites.

Biotin: Biotin is a powerful hair-healing ingredient, which is critical for the body to function well. It encourages hair growth by advancing the body’s cell turnover, cell repair, and metabolism. Hair loss can be a sign of biotin deficiency, so taking a biotin supplement will stop the loss, meaning you’ll have thicker, fuller hair in not time!

Vitamin C: Just one of the vitamins that are essential for the body’s production of collagen, which keeps skin and hair healthy and full. Vitamin C also encourages hair growth by helping the body absorb iron, and increases blood flow carrying nutrients to the scalp!

If you're looking for a supplement that rejuvenates dry, damaged hair, try our NEW Advanced Hair Supplement. It is scientifically proven to promote the growth of thicker, healthier and fuller looking hair. Using ingredients that offer optimum nutrition, including an enhanced form of biotin called "Super-Biotin", and added Vitamin C, you'll achieve stronger locks and minimize hair loss!


3. Try No Dye

Leaving the salon with a freshly colored 'do can be exciting – maybe you like getting a new look every now and then? Or you get regular top ups to hide away the grays? Unfortunately, the dye can be extremely damaging to our hair, especially if you’re going shades lighter.

When dying your hair a lighter color, such as blonde, hairdressers need to use bleach. Bleach strips the natural pigments from the shaft, leaving it dry and brittle. ‘Stripping’ of the hair in any way isn't good - it denies hair of natural oils and color, making it appear broken and straw-like.

Whether you’re going lighter or darker, dyes contain chemicals that can irritate the skin, too. If the skin on the scalp is aggravated, it can cause harm to the hair follicles, which may discourage healthy hair growth. For healthy looking hair all the time, try to stay away from the coloring, and rock your natural look for a while! I promise, your hair will thank you.

4. Massage Your Scalp

Do we ever really need an excuse to have a massage?! Head massages are proven to stimulate the hair follicles to encourage growth, and aid blood-flow to the hair roots, feeding our locks with much-needed oxygen. They are easy to do yourself, and only takes a few minutes. Even better if you have someone willing to do it for you!

Apply pressure to the scalp using your hands and fingertips, moving in circular motions around the whole head - don't neglect the sides of your head either! Massaging the scalp will encourage blood to flow to the surface where the hair follicles sit. Scalp massages are proven to encourage hair growth, so if you suffer from hair loss, it's a great trick!

You can massage your head using essential oils or while shampooing in the shower. Natural oils, such as coconut or lavender oil, can nourish the hair and avoid you pulling at tangles. If you do decide to use an oil, make sure you wash your hair after, to avoid a build-up.

Another benefit to massaging the scalp is stress reduction. When we’re stressed, hormones such as cortisol stop our bodies from producing new cells, which is key to healthy hair growth.

5. Regular Hair Trims

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that are the most effective. A regular trim can keep hair healthy by getting rid of those dead, broken ends. Your hair will then continue growing without obstacles.

Split ends occur when the hair tip is damaged and begins to wear away, leaving the inner layer of the hair exposed and dehydrated. When you don’t get rid of the split ends, hair is left looking dry, dull, and uneven. With regular haircuts, your hair can grow and have a natural shine, all the time!

6. Use High-Quality Shampoo & Conditioner

The best way to get great hair is by using the right products! With so many shampoos not delivering on their promise, it’s only right that you look for one with proven results!

We’re not looking for a short-term solution to a frizz-free day, we want products that will make our hair look fabulous every day! Many cheap shampoos pretend to make our hair shiny, by containing silicone, giving the effect of a glossy mane. Others contain sulfates which strip the hair of oils and color, making the hair dry and prone to breakages. Some shampoos even water down their ingredients – so even if they sound great, you need to use more of the shampoo each time, making it run out quicker!

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This is why you need to find a shampoo that cleanses the hair, using high-quality ingredients that don't just cover problems up. 

Here at Cel, we have brought together science and nature, to offer you the perfect shampoo for every hair type. It uses paraben free, sulfate free, and hypoallergenic ingredients, that nourish and thicken your hair. We’re so confident you’d love our Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner that we even offer a 30-day money back guarantee!


Final Thoughts

The condition of our hair is down to how we look after it – you can’t always blame the weather or a bad morning. Of course, not all of us can have a salon or stylist to do our hair as the celebrities do, but hopefully, these 6 habits are easy enough to adopt in your own home. Give it a go. You deserve to have a good hair day every day!






Clara Hallifax

As an avid follower of all things hair care, I love to create content that educates and entertains, while also learning more myself! I’ve been a writer for a few years now, specializing in scientific research on hair growth and hair loss. When I’m not typing away, I’ll be doing crosswords, or attempting to do a tricky yoga pose.


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