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How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?
How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?


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Summary: If you’re wondering “how often should you cut your hair?”, in this blog we detail and explore how often you should be heading to the salon. We’ll discuss if different hair types and lengths require more or less frequent trims, and whether cutting your hair can make it grow faster…


How Often Should I Cut My Hair?

Textured Hair (wavy, kinky, coiled or curly hair)

Those with curly, coiled, wavy or hair that kinks is classed as textured hair and will require a refreshing trim from your hair stylist every 8-12 weeks.

Non-textured hair (straight, fine hair)

Those with finer, straighter tresses need to pay close attention to their growth rate and split ends to determine how often they need to pop back into the salon chair. As soon as you notice the ends of hair looking weathered, flossy, fraying and/or split, you’ll need to book an appointment. 

The longer you leave split ends, the more damage they’ll do to the hair shaft as the split works it’s way up. This will then either eventually break the strand, or require you to have more chopped off the length by your stylist.

Short Bobs, Crops or Pixie Cuts

Have a fashionably short style? You’ll need to invest in a maintenance trim every 3-4 weeks if you have a pixie or crop cut, and every 8 weeks if you have a bob to keep your mane looking fresh and en pointe. You may be able to get away with a longer gap if your style is choppier and purposely messy. 

Long Hair

If you have super long hair, you may be able to mask any split ends and engage in a cut every 12-16 weeks. However, this may not benefit the overall health of your hair if it’s split, so a shorter time in between trims is advisable.

Does Cutting Your Hair Make It Grow Faster?

No, but it does make your hair grow healthier. Staying on top of split ends and breakages ensures any end damage doesn’t make it’s way up the majority of the hair. Having a regular trim helps the hair maintain strength and this usually improves the length because of this!

How Often To Cut Hair: What Happens In Between Counts…

How you treat your hair between your appointments is half the work. A good hair care routine can keep your hair looking sleek and pristine every single day! Some tips to keep you going include:

Brush your hair silently; if you can hear your hair being brushed or combed, that’s probably because your damaging it! Tease your hair through with the brush or comb, and work upwards from the ends to the scalp to help minimise friction, force and breakage from brushing. Read up on which hair brush is right for your hair type here.

Sleep on silk; the natural properties of silk, including its super smooth surface, means less friction will occur between your hair, head and pillow! Friction during sleep can cause split ends and breakage, so a silk pillowcase significantly reduces that happening as you slumber.

Wash your hair the right amount; over washing your hair just strips it of its natural, nourishing oils. If you’re washing your hair too often you’ll end up with dry, frizzy tresses. Read our blog on how often you should be washing your hair here. 

Avoid sulfates; Sulfates are added by brands as foaming agents to form a luxurious lather, but it’s all a facade! Sulfates actually dry out the hair. These are extremely harsh chemicals and destroy all the naturally occurring nutrients and moisture that your hair needs! Always buy sulfate and paraben free haircare! 

Turn down the heat; if you style your hair with tongs, driers, or flat irons then make sure you’re using heat protection spray and turning down the temperature to prevent damage occurring to your locks. 

Treat your tresses; give yourself a nourishing, targeted hair mask every week to help your hair take a load off and regenerate from everyday damage it experiences from pollution, the sun, styling, touching and product. This will keep it looking healthier between trims as well provide you with some well needed relaxation time!

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