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How To Build-Out A Skincare Routine You’ll Actually Stick To

New year, new you? Rather than making resolutions that you can’t stick to, how about switching up your skincare routine?

To really nourish and look after your skin this year we've come up with the ultimate skincare routine for all skin types. Whilst you may do some of these steps already, it's important to get the basics down and know which products come before which. It's no Korean 10-Step skincare routine, but it does a lot more than the standard cleanse, tone & moisturize! 


1. Cleanse

You're up, fed and (maybe) dressed. Now it's time to cleanse. Even though you’ve cleansed the night before you still should cleanse your face to get rid of any build-up overnight and to make sure you start with a clean slate. This means that the products you apply after will be more effective, too.

2. Tone

This one is optional, but still very effective. Toning helps to prep your skin by opening up your pores. It means that the products you apply after will be more effective and it works to balance the PH on your skin which cleansing can often knock off balance. 

3. Serum

This is where the magic really happens. Whether you’re targeting aging, dullness, acne or dry skin, there’s a serum to fit. 

Vitamin C is one of the most popular and powerful serums, helping to fight of free radicals (external stressors on the skin) so you’re protected from UV damage and pollution. Definitely important for the city dweller!

4. Moisturize

Because cleansing can often strip your skin of its natural oils, it’s important to moisturize at the end of your routine. If you have oily or acne prone skin you can use a lightweight moisturizer which is less likely to clog up your pores, and if you have dry skin a heavier moisturizer will help keep flaky skin at bay.

5. Protect

One of the most important things you can apply is SPF, and the one included in your foundation doesn’t count. Up to 90% of aging is down to sun damage, meaning that wearing SPF every day (even when it’s cloudy) can keep premature aging at bay.


1. Cleanse

For the first cleanse of the evening, the aim is to get rid of any make-up. While you might find it hard if it’s late and you’re feeling tired, but it’s one of the most important things you can do. Keeping make up on overnight can cause your skin to age and it means the dirt and oil can clog up your pores!

2. Cleanse Again

And for the second cleanse, you want to cleanse away the cleanser left on your skin from the first one. This will help prevent build-up and help your skin prepare for the products you’re about to put on. A cream cleanser will stop that tight feeling you get after removing make up and restore some moisture.

3. Treat Specific Areas

If you suffer from acne or want to target aging skin this is where you can used specific products for these problems.

For acne, use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. For aging, use prescription retinoid or OTC retinol, but never use these alongside acne treatments.

4. Serum

An optional step, but using the same serum as you did in the morning will increase its effectiveness. If you use an antioxidant serum, it can help to undo the oxidative DNA damage from the day before. 

5. Eye Cream 

Eye Cream or Serum is incredibly important to nourish and protect the delicate skin around the eye area and will help it recover overnight.


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