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How to Layer Your Skincare!

Who knew that layering skincare was a skill you needed? You could be buying and using all the right products, but if you fail to layer them in the right order or not leave them to soak in for long enough, you could be stopping the products from working entirely!

So we've pulled together a fool-proof guide to skincare layering, so you can really make the most of the products you're using and make sure you're not overwhelming your skin. 

1. Work from lightest to heaviest

The lightest products go first, because your skin can absorb these faster. We’re talking about serums (or essences). Because of their low viscosity, it means they can penetrate deeper into the skin and are easy to layer over. Heavier products work on top of lighter ones, but light ones won't be able to penetrate heavier products, which means *spoiler alert* leave the heaviest ones until last! 

2. Add an antioxidant

Antioxidants come next, and these are great for brightening your complexion. It's even more important to use them if you live in a city as they will help fight all those aging free radicals. But even if you don’t, get some vitamin C into your routine as it will help protect your skin from UV rays, too. It will leave your skin feeling brighter and help even out any skin pigmentation.

3. Take your time

The key to layering is sometimes you need to wait in between products. This isn’t ideal for getting ready on a morning or when you really want to head straight to bed, but stretching your routine out will help all your products work as hard as they can. Try to integrate your routine around getting ready to go out or for bed – apply your serum straight after showering, then apply your antioxidant after getting dressed/ drinking your morning cup of coffee. 

4. Seal the goodness in

Then comes the day cream (or gel/ lotion) depending on how dry your skin is. This is when to apply your eye serum and/or neck cream. These will help seal everything in, soothe your skin and help boost your collagen levels. 

5. Up the oils

Oils come last, this is because they can penetrate creams, but creams cannot penetrate oils. This covers things like plant-derived squalene, or retinol formulas. (But make sure if you’re using retinol to only use them of an evening). Warm the oil up in-between your fingers and press into the areas you need them.

6. Finish with an SPF

Even when it’s raining and especially when using retinol. Up to 90% of aging is down to UV damage, so applying sun cream will prevent premature aging! So slap sun screen on last and protect your skin for good.

Our Verdict 

The key to a good skincare routine is knowing which ones to layer one top of which, because doing it the wrong way round can mean you're applying products which won't work the way you want it to. To put it simply, make sure you're using the lightest products first and give each product a chance to soak into your skin! 



Annabel Wood