How To Take 10 Years Off Your Neck

The thing about the neck area is, that by the time you've noticed it’s aged, it’s probably too late!

Or is it?

At what point were we told to look after it like we look after our face? At what point were we told that it ages this quickly? 

The truth is, we weren't. And you probably didn't know that the neck area ages quicker than our face. Keep reading to find out why our neck ages so quickly, and how to press rewind on the damage...

Why Does My Neck Age So Quickly?

By the time you hit your 25th birthday, it’s time to start using a specific cream for your neck. If you’ve missed this mark, the earlier you start the better.  

One of the reasons the skin on your neck ages so quickly is because it isn’t attached to any bones like your facial skin is, which means that it’s the first to show to effects of gravity, as there's not much structure holding it in place. It also doesn’t have any pores, hair follicles or sweat glands, which means it won’t be able to produce the sebum needed to keep skin moisturized, so it’s much more likely to become dehydrated.

Not only this, but the actual skin is much thinner (almost as thin as our eyelids), so it’s much more prone to damage from free-radicals (the same ones your skin is exposed to.) While you're more likely to protect your facial skin by using sunscreen and anti-oxidants, your neck is usually neglected. (Neck-glected?!)

What Can I Do About It?

The most important and effective thing you can do to protect your neck from aging at a rapid pace, is to use a specific neck cream to moisturize, strengthen and protect your skin. This will prevent it from dehydrating and encourage cell turnover for a youthful glow. It's also important to wear sun cream every day to protect it from damaging UV rays (yes, even when it’s cloudy).

Using Our Neck & Décolletage Cream 

Although, not all neck creams are made the same. Which is why we created our own formula, utilizing Stem Cell Technology to strengthen and protect the skin in this area. By using our very own Neck & Décolletage Cream, you can take up to 10 years off your neck area, strengthening the skin most prone to aging. Don't leave it too late!

Stem Cell Technology works by encouraging the skin cells to repair themselves, meaning that you can not only heal previous damage, but protect it from further damage too. By penetrating deep into the skin, it also works to keep your skin hydrated and therefore less prone to wrinkles, keeping that skin as plump and tight as your face! You'll find no other product like it. 

For best results, use our Neck and Décolletage Cream in the morning and evening on clean skin, sweeping upwards all over the neck, and right up behind the ears. You'll feel the difference after the first use, and notice a visible difference within a matter of weeks! 



Annabel Wood