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How To PROPERLY Wash Your Hair
How To PROPERLY Wash Your Hair

6 Tips For The Optimal Hair Wash


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If you’re after that gravity defying, just-blow-dried, salon-fresh look every day – we’re here to tell you that it CAN be achieved! And, it may be as easy as implementing just a few simple changes in your hair wash!

How To Properly Wash Your Hair: Brush Before Washing!

Gently brushing your hair through before you hop in the shower is a great way of making sure the hair is detangled of knots, free of stray hairs and helps dislodge/loosen any debris or dirt.

Cel Pro Tip:  Hair brushing should be silent! If you hear any scraping or ripping, it means you’re brushing too hard. Most hairdressers also recommend a wide-tooth comb, rather than a brush, and to be extremely gentle when combing through wet hair. 

How To Properly Wash Your Hair: Double Up On Your Shampoo!

Did you know you should always wash your hair twice? The first dose will remove the grime and any product build-up, and the second round ensures that desirable glossy look!

How To Properly Wash Your Hair: Get The Temperature Right!

Water temperature is so important when it comes to optimizing your hair wash! And, it’s bad news if you like it hot… If the water is too hot, you’ll open the hair cuticle too much which will allow essential keratin proteins that keep the hair strong to escape, and any hair dye or natural moisture to diminish.

Always wet your hair through with lukewarm water for the entirety of your wash and rinse. During the rinse, it’s advised that you should squeeze your hair with your hands so you can determine when the product is all out – not rinsing properly can leave the hair lank, heavy and limp. But, be careful when squeezing, as wet hair is when our locks are at their most vulnerable!

Cel Pro Tip: If you’re up to the challenge (and who isn’t when it comes to ensuring a marvellous mane!?), give your hair a final rinse under cold water. This will help seal the cuticle. Not only will it serve your hair’s cuticle, but a quick burst of cold water is excellent for stimulating blood circulation to the scalp which fuels the hair and can help it appear shinier!

How To Properly Wash Your Hair: Perfect Your Technique!

If you’re using a high quality shampoo and conditioner, you should only need a blob the size of an acorn of shampoo. The second round of shampoo typically lathers more once the debris from the first has been removed (remember, for an optimal hair wash, you shampoo twice!)

Apply the shampoo directly to the roots and massage into the scalp on both rounds. The base of your scalp is typically overlooked, so don’t forget to evenly distribute the product (and the massage!) all over the head.

How To Properly Wash Your Hair: Realize The Potential Of Your Products

Shampoo & conditioner work together but ultimately serve different purposes, therefore require different application technique and areas. And yes, you should always be using both!

Your shampoo belongs primarily on your scalp, as it’s the cleansing part of the duo. Your roots are where grime and dirt congregate. Conditioner, on the other hand, should not be applied to the scalp, but from mid way down the hair shaft to the ends. It will weigh down the hair and appear lifeless if applied too close to the roots. Conditioner helps close the hair cuticle after washing, locking in strength, smoothness and shine – so, it’s vital when wanting to achieve that salon-fresh look!

How To Properly Wash Your Hair: Upgrade Your Hair Towel

For a final, optimal finishing touch, look to upgrading your hair towel to a microfiber towel. The fibers of a regular towel can rough up your cuticles which can cause frizz and breakage, and as we’ve mentioned, our hair is most vulnerable to damage when wet.

Microfiber towels are also more apt at absorbing moisture so can help the hair dry quicker too, lessening the need for/time spent with a hairdryer which can heat damage the hair.

Cel Pro Tip: No matter what towel you use, always blot and gently squeeze the hair when drying with a towel. And, if you still want to blast the hairdryer or use heated styling tools, make sure you’re using hair heat protection via spray or serum, like Cel’s Re:Gen Repair & Protect Serum. Not only will the serum help to repair any hair that’s been harmed, but also provides protection from heat damage, hair coloring and daily environmental stressors and supports keeping your hair looking sleek and lush!

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