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Ingredient Spotlight: Macadamia Oil
Ingredient Spotlight: Macadamia Oil


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Summary: "Is macadamia oil good for hair?" In this blog we learn all about macadamia nut oil for hair! We’ll discover what macadamia nut oil is, whether it’s good for your locks, what the benefits are and how to use macadamia nut oil for hair. Read on to discover more about macadamia nut oil for hair here…

Note: Macadamia oil is not suitable or safe to use for anyone with a nut allergy or intolerance – always patch test a product that’s new to you. 


Macadamia nuts are most popular to nibble on! They originate from Australia and grow in the Macadamia tree. They have a rich texture as well as a mild, nutty flavor. But, aside from tasting good, they’re also packed with tons of nutrients like magnesium, calcium, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Because of this, macadamia nut oil has gained it’s stripes in hair and skin care formulas (usually included in the ingredients in a pure, cold pressed form) as their benefits have been touted to work when applied topically too…

Macadamia Nut Oil For Hair

Macadamia oil is one of the most common ingredients in hair care products. It’s generally considered a good oil for any hair type, but mostly those with curly, coily, wavy, dry/damaged, and/or coarse hair. 

It’s included in many hair care products because of its versatile benefits for most hair types and it’s thought to moisturize the scalp, help with promoting shine and keep on top of sebum production. So, shall we take a deeper dive into the macadamia oil benefits…?

Macadamia Oil Benefits For Hair

Is macadamia oil good for hair? There are actually a few macadamia oil benefits… 

It hydrates and moisturizes; Macadamia nut oil benefits the scalp because it’s loaded with oleic acid - an essential anti-inflammatory acid that can help prevent excessive oil production which thus slows bacterial build up. This regulative ability, in turn, allows the scalp and hair to experience natural sebum production which keeps the scalp optimally moisturized. Macadamia nuts also contain linoleic acid and squalene - a natural antioxidant - which protects the epidermis skin layer, lowers oxidative stress in the skin and can reduce unwanted water loss from the scalp too!

Supports dry, damaged, frizzy hair; Macadamia nut oil and its dense nutritional profile helps keep hair strong and shiny whilst the added moisture levels from the fatty acids can tame and restore dry, frizzy strands without weighing your mane down. It can further support with minimizing the signs of damaged hair, like knots and split ends, and boost the appearance of lackluster looking hair.

How To Use Macadamia Nut Oil For Hair

Note: Macadamia oil is not suitable or safe to use for anyone with a nut allergy or intolerance. Always patch test a product that’s new to you. 

You can purchase pure, cold-pressed macadamia nut oil from most health stores. 

With it, you can either comb a coin size amount through your hair, root to tip and leave it in over night or for a shorter amount of time before washing as normal. You can additionally massage it into your scalp with your fingertips once applied to help the scalp absorb the oil and stimulate your hair follicles. 

Cel Pro Tip: Leaving your macadamia oil in and have low-porosity hair? Pop your oil stroked hair under a shower cap to trap heat and create a steam treatment for more efficacy before washing out as normal.

You can include macadamia nut oil in a deeper, more nourishing DIY at-home hair masque too. Grab some tea tree oil and aloe vera gel and mix a drop or two of each with a ¼ cup macadamia nut oil. Then, apply to towel dried hair, coating and distributing through the hair evenly with a wide-toothed comb. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing your locks with lukewarm water!

You can also search for hair care products that contain macadamia nut oil, like shampoos, serums and conditioner, give them a go and see how the oil when impregnated into a product works for you. Make sure to avoid products that contain sulfates and parabens though as these are bad for hair, particularly hair that’s already damaged or dry. 

Also, if nuts are your thing, eat macadamia nuts. The nutrient rich profile of macadamia nuts can help boost your hair’s health and appearance from the inside out!

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