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Tips To Achieve The Perfect Manicure

Stop Making These Errors In Your Nail Care Routine To Achieve The Perfect Manicure!


So, you’ve spent a good amount of time perfecting your paint and polish. Your fingertips are looking fresh… And then, it happens. The dreaded chip!

But, fret not… These following four tips can help you master your manicure and establish the nail care routine your nails need to thrive and stay chip free!

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Perfect Manicure: Are You Washing Before Your Polish Application?

When you’re doing your at-home manicure, are you washing your hands before you start to coat? If you’ve ever had a manicure done professionally, you know the technician will sweep nail polish remover over your fingertips regardless of whether your nails are polished or not.

That’s because, to obtain the perfect manicure, you have to remove the excess oils on your fingertips before applying your polish. Otherwise, the oils can disturb how well the color takes, leading to smudges, smears and a ruined nail.

Make sure to follow the same professional practise and use nail polish remover as a first step. Then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, patting them completely dry, before you sit down to paint!

Perfect Manicure: Are You Skipping Your Base Coat?

Base coats are honestly essential for a perfect manicure! If you want healthy, strong, nurtured nails you have to use a high quality, reputable base coat.

Base coats do multiple things to benefit your nails when on the quest for a perfect manicure. Making sure it’s in your nail care routine will fill the ridges so the polish will go on smoother, protect your nails from staining, and strengthen the actual nail (if it’s a good base coat, that is!). A base coat really is key, so stop skipping it out if you are.

CEL PRO TIP: The same goes for your top coat! If you want a perfect manicure that lasts, a top coat is one thing you should never leave out in your nail care routine either! And, be precise… Top coats tighten as they dry, so if you don’t want little ridges to appear, apply with precision and care, just as you did with all your other layers!

Perfect Manicure: Are You Moisturizing Between Polish Changes?

As part of your nail care routine (whether you paint your nails or not) it’s essential to hydrate the skin on your hands, your nails and your cuticles with oils, lotions and creams.

A major part of ensuring the maintenance of your desired perfect manicure is keeping those moisture levels up! Keeping your nail, nail bed and hands hydrated will prevent damage to the manicure and keep your overall hands looking smooth and young!

Try Cel’s Nail Serum! It’s our powerful hypoallergenic cuticle oil and nail enhancing formula that uses optimized ingredients to help heal, protect and strengthen your nails, with results guaranteed within two weeks. The inclusion of panax ginseng root in the formula nourishes and hydrates the cuticles, enhances skin elasticity and strength, and protects against damage.

Suitable even on sensitive skin, Cel’s unique, essential Nail Serum is remarkably gentle, and can be applied everyday without irritation.

Perfect Manicure: Are You Dipping Your Fingers In Cold Water To Help Them Dry Faster?

We’ve all heard this tip, right? Well unfortunately it’s hear-say. All running your freshly-painted fingers under cold water does is change the texture of the polish. It makes the paint more putty-like tricking you into thinking it’s drying faster!

The same goes for when you blow on your nails! When you blow down on your new paint, all you’re doing is exposing them to saliva droplets which leaves your new nail color at risk of bubbling.

All you can really do, it sit back, be patient, and let the air’s oxygen flow do its natural, drying work.

Happy manicuring!

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