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Valentine’s Day 2021: Quarantine Date Ideas

Date Ideas During Quarantine: Valentine’s Day 2021


Estimated Read Time:  4 minutes


All over the world, we’ve all been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s caused us to think outside of the box for so many things: from haircuts, to working from home, and now as we look to February: making Valentine’s Day 2021 special!

For many of us, whether it’s because we still feel uncomfortable venturing out to a restaurant or because our country has closed them for our safety, Valentine’s Day may seem a little daunting or not feel as special as other years – particularly if you’re locked down with your lover already!

However, keeping the romantic spark alive is still just as essential, and even though it's important to prioritize our loved ones every day, Valentine’s Day can be a great marker to really drive home how much your special someone means to you.

To help you out, we’ve collated a few ideas to vamp up your at-home Valentine’s Day 2021. We hope they provide some needed inspiration of how you can maintain the magic and encourage you both to take some time out from the stress of the past year to communicate that you really care…

Valentine’s Day 2021 – Quarantine Date Ideas

Date Ideas During Quarantine: Get Crafty

Switch off the screens, pour a glass of something special and bond with your other half over learning a new craft! Perhaps a homemade pottery set or a candle making kit – something that interests you both, Make sure you think ahead and get your tools/kit delivered in time for 14 February.

Date Ideas During Quarantine: Take A Virtual Class

Why not book yourselves in for an online wine tasting class or virtual cocktail making lesson? This can be a fun activity to do together if you and your love like a little indulgence, and you could even dress up for the occasion!

Date Ideas During Quarantine: Plan Your Next Vacation

Even though unnecessary travel isn’t advised or encouraged right now (with some travel bans in place to and from some of the most romantic destinations) that doesn’t mean you can’t visualize or make some lists of where next, in what order and what you both desperately want to do when you get there! You could even invest in a special journal to manually write down your next adventure together…

Date Ideas During Quarantine: Have A Sweet Bake-Off

If you’ve both got a sweet tooth, why not spend an evening in the kitchen concocting desserts from scratch and taste testing each one’s chosen recipe. The loser has to do the dishes, of course!

Date Ideas During Quarantine: Recreate Your First Date

It could be incredibly romantic to recreate your first date at home! If you went to a coffee shop, whip up the orders you made. Or, if you went for a meal, make what you had together at home or order it in! If you went to a museum, a zoo or an exhibition, try and find prints of the pictures or the things you saw there and pin them to the wall for the evening!

Date Ideas During Quarantine: Pamper Yourselves With An At-Home Spa Evening

Nothing says “I love you” like a soothing bath together and a tender massage. Stock up on some face masks and candles, and check out massage video tutorials online in advance. Guaranteed to ramp up the romance and encourage you both to express your love more sensually and intimately this Valentine’s.

Date Ideas During Quarantine: Plan A Games Night

If you and your loved one want a night off from Netflix, then why not stock up on snacks and your favourite beverages, and whack out a deck of cards or the chess board. Play by candlelight, with a dose of conversation and healthy competition – romance and laughter assured!

Single This Valentine’s Day 2021? You Can Still Spread The Love!

If you’re not romantically involved this year, you can still let your pals and close ones know that you treasure them despite any isolation restrictions taking place in your area, country or state! Here’s some inspiration:

  • Hand make Valentine’s Day cards and post/hand deliver them
  • Send/make them heart shaped cookies or another sweet treat with a hand-written note
  • Voice note them a personalized poem or song first thing in the morning
  • Organize a virtual party of games or a friendship themed quiz with your nearest and dearest
  • Treat yourself! Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do right now – particularly in a pandemic! Write a gratitude list, a praising letter to yourself, buy that thing you can’t stop thinking about and order your favorite meal in. ‘Coz hey – you deserve it!

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