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REVEALED: Asparagus Stem Cells Are The Answer To Hair Loss!

Looking for hair growth vegetables? Look no further than asparagus and asparagus stem cells!


Eating your greens will keep you healthy, so they say, but can vegetables and plant-based goodness keep hair-thinning at bay, too?

Not just good for your insides, but as a topical solution to hair loss, our recent clinical trial here at Cel has proven it to be true – and one vegetable stood out to be a hair-growth-hero: Asparagus!

Now, vegetables and hair growth haven’t always been synonymous, but thanks to cutting-edge technology in the world of hair-care, our scientists have managed to turn your average stem of asparagus into a hair-growth phenomenon, thanks to the amazing results of Plant Stem Cell Technology.

Asparagus Stem Hair: What Is Asparagus, And Why Is It Good For My Hair?

Asparagus – a delicious green vegetable known for its tender spears – is one of the most flavorsome veggies to eat, and also extremely nutrient dense. It’s bright, earthy flavor is extremely popular, and has been shown to have potential cancer-fighting and diuretic properties. Packed with fiber, protein, iron, and calcium, as well as an abundance of vitamins including A, C, E, K, and B6 – it’s no wonder asparagus is known as the ‘king of vegetables’[1].

But aside from the obvious dietary benefits, asparagus also contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants that have been proven to improve skin and hair health. Compared to other fruits and vegetables, asparagus contains more protein per gram than blueberries, avocados, mangoes, and peppers, and this high protein content is the main follicle-feeding property.

But here at Cel, we’re interested in more than just the dietary benefits of Asparagus. Our expert teams have discovered how Asparagus Stem Cells can, in fact, restore and repair dormant or damaged hair follicles, encourage new growth, and reverse the signs of hair loss in just 72 hours...

Asparagus Stem Hair: What Exactly Are Plant Stem Cells?

A plant stem cell is a non-specialised cell taken from a plant, that’s capable of self-renewal. Stem cells are the most important cells in our skin and are responsible for the constant regeneration of our dermis, the growth of new hair, and the maintenance of pigments. [2]

Asparagus Stem Hair: How Do Plant Stem Cells Help Hair Growth?

Plant stem cells possess similar genetic factors as human stem cells and can be used to influence the function of certain cells in our skin and hair follicles [3]. Active plant stem cells work to increase the lifespan of hair follicles so that your hair can remain in the anagen phase (the growing phase) of the hair growth cycle for a longer period of time. Keeping the hairs in this growth phase will maximize the length and thickness of new hairs, as well as stop existing strands from shedding.

Another hair-growth benefit of Asparagus Stem Cells is their ability to block the most common hair-killing hormone, DHT. High levels of DHT, as well as your sensitivity to the hormone, are known for causing most male-pattern baldness and even female alopecia. Asparagus Stem Cells can aid the receptors in the skin to block the intrusion of DHT, and therefore minimize the hair loss caused by it.

Asparagus Stem Hair: The Clinical Trial

We conducted a clinical trial under the supervision of specialists in dermatology and trichology, to determine the hair-growth effect of Asparagus Stem Cells compared to a controlled placebo group.

The trial was undertaken on 88 individuals with normal hair conditions, both female and male. The purpose of the trial was to see the characteristics of the ingredient (asparagus stem vesicle at 5.5%), and how it affected hair growth, follicle stimulation, and maintenance of healthy, thicker hair.  

The study was split into 3 timeframes, T0, T1, and T2, over a 16 week period. T0: before the trial, T1: after 8 weeks, and T2: after 16 weeks of application.

The results and measurements were assessed using a dermascope technique and HD images...

Asparagus Stem Hair: The Results

After just 72 hours of treating the hair and scalp with Cel’s Hair Growth Formula, the production of Cytokeratin-15 (an essential protein for hair growth) had increased by 277%, compared to the control group.

After 16 weeks, the average total hair amount increased by 7.5%, and hair thickness increased by 2.8%.

Not only was the condition of existing strands improved, but the total quantity of hair follicles increased by 20.7% after the 16 weeks, and the quantity of dormant (empty) follicles reduced by 25.1%!

Asparagus Stem Hair: The Product

After the success of the trial, and the incredible results seen from Asparagus Stem Cells, we formulated our best-selling Hair Growth Formula, designed to effectively combat thinning hair and hair loss.

The breakthrough ampoule treatment allows for precise application to target problem areas in your hairline, crown or parting. Our trialed and tested 5.5% Asparagus Stem Vesicle formulation works to strengthen and thicken hair, encourage the cell turnover of new hair follicles, and promote growth where hair is sparse.

Try our best-selling Hair Growth Formula for yourself today. And if it's not for you, there's a 90-day money back guarantee, which stands on all of our products!

Hundreds of Cel customers have told us how much the product has reversed their hair loss, and they’ve seen thicker, healthier growth after just a few weeks...

So, don't delay! Try Cel's Hair Growth Formula yourself today!

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