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Signs Your Hair is Aging – and How to Prevent it

When it comes to aging we all know our hair will eventually change color, that’s a given. But one of the more troublesome side effects of aging when it comes to your hair can actually be hair loss, which you might not be as prepared for.

But there are products out there that can help so you can keep your head of hair youthful and healthy!

So before doing anything, here are the signs your hair is beginning to age and what you can do about each of them…

Going Gray

When your hair changes color it’s hard to miss. Some people usually find their first gray hair in their 30s but the majority of people in their 40s. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about going grey (apart from dying your hair.)

If dying your hair isn’t your go-to when it comes to hiding your grays, the next best thing is to embrace the color change! 


No matter how old you are, it’s completely normal to lose around 100 hairs a-day, but as we grow older our hair actually begins to fall out more and starts to thin (for both men and women). When it comes to hair-loss in women, it can be affected by hormones, as often menopausal women experience hair loss and thinning around the same time. 

The reason behind hair thinning is that the hair follicle gets smaller and smaller which means that although it’s still producing hair, it is finer and lighter so you can’t see it. This is what we call pattern balding, when the hairs are so fine it looks like there isn’t any and happens to both men and women.

To encourage more hair growth, our Hair Stimulation Pack works to slow down the hair loss process and stimulate hair growth. The application means you can target the area where your hair is thinning and courage full, strong hair to grow. 


Over time our oil glands begin to shrink and don’t produce enough of the oil we need. This means that if you’re noticing your hair is gradually feeling drier than usual, it could be a sign your hair is aging. Use hair oils and hair masks to replace the lost moisture! 

Brow & Lash 

It's not only the hair on your head that can age, but your eyelashes and eyebrow hairs also become damaged, especially when eyebrows have been over-waxed. To enhance the fullness of sparse of damaged brows and lashes, our Stem Cell Brow & Lash Booster works to activate the damaged hair follicles and block the hair-killing DHT hormone! With Green Tea extract and Ginseng, the formula strengthens the hair from the root and improves the keratin structure.


In the same way our skin does, our hair also loses elasticity, causing it to become more brittle and prone to breakage. This is even more common if you’ve treated your hair regularly with chemicals or use heat to style it. 

The best way to protect your hair from becoming too brittle is to nourish it with Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner. This formula is full of nourishing vitamins and minerals to help protect and strengthen hair follicles, preventing them from splitting and stimulating damaged hair follicles. 

Our Verdict

As we age, it's important to look after your hair in the same way you look after your skin so you can prevent hair damage and thinning! By utilizing Stem Cell Technology you can ensure to slow down the hair loss process and encourage healthy hair and a healthy scalp, so you can encourage a healthy head of hair!



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