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Asparagus Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health
Asparagus Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health

Is Asparagus Healthy For You? Yes! Asparagus Benefits Your Skin, Hair & Health

If you’re looking for perfect skin and hair, you need to be sure you’re looking after your body inside and out. If you’re someone who is stuck with lackluster hair or you feel like your skin is sallow and dull with dark spots, it can get you down in the dumps… But, this a common household food could be the answer to your health and beauty woes… It’s to introduce Asparagus.

Asparagus Officinalis or Garden Asparagus is a vegetable, naturally found in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa, cultivated around 2,000 years ago [1]. With over 300 varieties of asparagus, we normally only use and eat white, green and purple – although many of us would have gone through life only seeing the green, which are the American and British variety.

Asparagus is considered a superfood due to its plethora of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants - just to name a few benefits!

These compounds, all provided by this natural source, have been utilized by humans for hundreds of years due to their bountiful variety of skin, hair and health benefits! 

So, if you’re wondering “Is Asparagus healthy for you?” the answer is a resounding “Yes!”, but how many asparagus benefits for skin, hair and health are there…?

Asparagus Benefits For Hair

Asparagus Benefits For Hair: Promotes Hair Strength & Growth

Did you know that regular consumption of asparagus can seriously aid the health of your scalp? Antioxidants like Vitamin C and E that are found in asparagus and are critical in supporting healthy hair growth too.

Vitamin C and E are used by the body to fight off oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is when an oxygen molecule splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons. These are called free radicals. Electrons like to be in pairs, so free radicals (solo electron atoms) scavenge the body to seek out other electrons to pair up with.

Whilst they look for another electron to pair with, this causes damage to cells, proteins, and DNA which includes your scalp and hair follicles, so can cause hair fallout, hair thinning and weaken the follicles. But, Vitamin C reduces this oxidative stress occurring.

Amazing asparagus can provide the tools for your body to fight back the oxidative damage, whilst improving the blood circulation in the scalp, ensuring correct nourishment is delivered to the hair follicles in the scalp via blood flow.

Vitamin C and E play a huge role in strengthening individual hairs, too, encouraging stronger and more lustrous hair growth. Along with these powerful duo of vitamins, asparagus can also provide other essential nutrients to the body including calcium, zinc, copper, and iron. These too, can all playing a huge role in supporting the health of the scalp, which in turn promotes stronger and thicker hair growth.

Read more on the Vitamin C Benefits For Hair here.

Asparagus Benefits For Hair: Can Treat The Scalp

Although applying heat and neglecting regular hair care rituals like trimming and washing can cause split ends and thinning hair, a lot of hair trouble is caused at the root!

The skin on our scalps is just the same as any other part of our bodies and can fall victim to many skin conditions – including dryness, dandruff, eczema, and folliculitis. What’s folliculitis? Folliculitis is when tiny red, inflamed spots appear on areas other than your face which is often mistaken for acne. These are, in fact, your hair follicles (where the root of your hair grows from) becoming irritated and producing pustules, that look very similar to pimples or whiteheads.

Read more on the causes and cures of folliculitis here.

Dandruff is caused by the clogging of pores from excessive dirt, dead skin cells and impurities which can result in these inflamed spots on your scalp too.

Asparagus can help reduce the symptoms that come from an irritated scalp, due to its antioxidant properties. The vitamins it provides are wonderful detoxifiers, meaning they can aid in removing toxins and other aggressors from our bodies – including the causes of scalp irritation.

The healthier your scalp, the better condition your hair follicles and roots will be to grow new, thicker hair too! If you’re struggling with dandruff and folliculitis on your scalp/hairline, trying massaging your gently cleansing shampoo deeply and thoroughly all over your scalp. This will ensure all the muck comes away with the rinse. In addition, a good massage with the fingers increases blood flow to the scalp, which can get those nutrients in the blood delivered to the scalp!

As well as consuming more asparagus, adding a boost to your haircare routine like Cel’s Hair Stimulation Formula will supply your roots and scalp directly with a good amount of useful and beneficial asparagus extract, encouraging your hair to grow stronger and healthier than before.

Asparagus Benefits For Hair: Can Reduce Hair Fallout

Hair fallout can really affect your self-esteem, leaving us feeling helpless as we physically see the individual hairs falling from our head.

But, fear not, as asparagus can help prevent unwanted hair fallout. As asparagus contains antioxidants, and as mentioned above, they can protect the health of the scalp and hair follicles – similar to how asparagus can aid in strengthening the hair. Our Hair Stimulation Formula contains Asparagus Stem Cells, and simply adding this to your hair care routine with our can reduce fall outs drastically.

The fact is, the strong your hair is and the healthier your scalp is, the less fall out will take place and that’s where asparagus can help… It’s time to say goodbye to a clogged drain and a packed hairbrush!

Asparagus Benefits For Skin

Just like our hair, we can take our skin for granted. It is exposed to aggressors and pollutants every day, with many of us leaving it unprotected and vulnerable.

Because of this, premature aging, acne and serious illness such as skin cancer can thrive. However, adding asparagus to your diet can avoid some of these skin difficulties…

Asparagus Benefits For Skin: Can Reduce The Signs Of Premature Aging

The first signs of aging normally show around the eyes and mouth, forming fine lines and wrinkles due to these areas starting to lack collagen. The harmful radiation from UV rays are normally a huge contributor to this early aging sign, damaging the epidermis and the dermis layer of skin. This is where the properties of asparagus can help combat these problems!

The antioxidants and Vitamin C present in asparagus can form a protective layer around the skin, fighting against harmful UV damage. Plus, the vitamins and other antioxidant compounds found in the plant can help the body fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals which enhance the risk of developing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots – all signs of early aging.

Cel Pro Tip: Always make sure you wear SPF 30 protection every day of the year if you really want to protect your skin from damage.

Asparagus Benefits For Skin: Can Increase Collagen Production

Collagen is extremely important in keeping our skin looking young, firm and fresh. This extremely important amino acid is found in high levels in our bodies, but it is mainly present in the connective tissues; joints, bones, tendons, cartilages, nails, teeth and blood vessels. It’s vital for keeping all these things healthy, including our skin. It provides the elasticity in our skin – minimizing wrinkles and unwanted dropping skin.

The high levels of Vitamin C in asparagus can help the body to continue to produce this important amino acid, resulting in plumper, fuller, brighter and younger-looking skin. Is there anything this vegetable can’t do…?

Is Asparagus Healthy For You? Yes!

Whilst asparagus is working its magic on our skin and hair, it is also providing our bodies with vital support which helps us function healthily.

The antioxidants, fibers, vitamins, and minerals present in this wondrous vegetable can benefit our bodies by;

  • Soothing Symptoms of Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Supporting digestion
  • Regulating blood flow
  • Aiding our visual health
  • Helping treat infections
  • Balancing our cholesterol levels
  • Supporting the immune system

So, while your skin begins to clear up and your hair starts to thicken, the amazing asparagus will be aiding vital functions of the body too!

Our Final Thoughts On Asparagus Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health…

This tasty vegetable has some incredible qualities that can help revamp your skin and hair care routine – along with supporting vital organs and your overall health. So, we would say that it is very wise to add it to your daily routine somewhere whether in diet or topical application.  You may choose to enhance your evening meal by adding it as a side or introduce Cel’s asparagus infused Hair Stimulation Formula to your weekly hair ritual, including this powerful vegetable to your life can ensure you reap its benefits for skin, hair and your health!




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