The Truth About Jade Rollers

So, you might have seen that Jade-Rollers have become increasingly popular recently, a skincare method traditionally used in China, and has been for thousands of years. It consists of rolling a derma roller made of jade (or sometimes other gemstones like rose quartz) over your face. Interested in what these little rollers can do to your face? Well here are the 5 benefits of using them!

1. Combats under eye bags and dark circles

Jade rollers are great for combatting eye bags, and we recommend using them first thing on a morning to get rid of the built-up fluids around your eyes. If you keep it in your fridge or freezer overnight, it’ll dramatically reduce any eye bags you’ve developed and feel nice and cooling next to your skin.

And by cooling your skin you can also reduce the size of your blood vessels dramatically reducing the appearance of dark circles, too.

2. Reduces puffiness

You can use your Jade Roller to give yourself a lymphatic massage, which essentially helps get rid of any excess lymphatic fluid in your face.

Lymphatic fluid is the waste fluid which collects around your eyes and cheeks, making your face appear puffy and bloated. Using a jade roller helps force it back to the cardiovascular system where it belongs, and therefore de-puffs your face.

Massaging around the eyes and nose can also help combat sinus infections!

3. Increase circulation

By boosting circulation, you can improve the tone of your skin, evening out any redness or discoloration. It can even help improve the appearance of acne and signs of aging, and it will leave you with that much sought-after glow as though you’ve just had a great night’s sleep. All from just one little roller!

4. Helps products absorption

Using a Jade Roller before applying certain products (stronger ones like serums and oils) will help your skin absorb the product and help reduce the amount you use as well as increasing the effectiveness of them.

Top tip: When using our Sheet Masks, use a Jade Roller before and while you have the sheet mask on to really get those important hydrating ingredients into your skin.

5. Reduces stress

Whether you’re aware of it or not, we hold a lot of tension in our face when we’re stressed, and this can lead to soreness, cramps and premature aging!

Using a Jade Roller will help ease the pressure in certain areas of your face, loosening up all that tension and acting as a stress reliver. Go on, you deserve it!

How to use

Jade Rollers are easy to use, there’s no real right or wrong way to use them. It’s recommended that you roll upwards, though, rather than do so you are lifting your skin up rather than down. 

Put your Jade Roller in the fridge over night or for a few hours, apply your favorite oil, serum or moisturizer and roll! It should feel relaxing, not painful.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to think that Jade Rolling is another skincare trend that won’t necessarily work, but because it’s been used for many years, it’s proven that it’s an effective tool when used alongside your serums and moisturizers. It’s also very reasonably priced, which means that it’s definitely worth trying!



Annabel Wood