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Solve Your Skin Issues With This Ancient Superfood!

Sometimes, the greatest things in life are right under our nose - or feet, in this case!

You may have heard of the root, Ginseng? If not, it’s time to clue-up on this incredible plant and the powerful, natural properties it contains. The ginseng root has been utilized for years to improve your wellbeing, help you feel restored and rejuvenated, and it even offers many beauty benefits for your hair and skin, too! You can thank me later! So, let’s begin…

So, What Is Ginseng?

Ginseng is a slow-growing perennial root plant that is typically harvested once it has reached 6 years of age; this is when it is at its peak potency. The super-root can be found in the northern hemisphere and has been used for centuries in Asia as part of ancient traditional medicine. This (very) slow growing plant has countless benefits, including high levels of much need vitamins and antioxidants that can benefit us from the inside, out.

Ginseng root is considered to be one of the most highly effective anti-aging ingredients due to its many phytonutrients (a substance found in specific plants that are believed to be extremely beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases). As well as anti-aging, ginseng has many other priceless properties, too! Not only does it improve your skin, but it can also help with diabetes, fatigue and weight control – quite the multi-purpose root plant!

Let's take a look at what this incredible root can do for you...

For Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As we get older, our skin will too – it’s a natural part of the aging process. As collagen levels deplete, the elasticity in our skin will begin to reduce, leaving the dermis itself to become thinner and dryer, unable to protect itself from day to day damage. Also, years of expressive facial movement will, unfortunately, take a negative toll on our skin over time. The more frowning and smiling you do, you’re creating more fine lines and wrinkles – not fun!

How Ginseng Helps…

Ginseng has qualities that can help combat these unwanted lines and wrinkles encroaching on our skin. This superfood can help boost the circulation in the small blood cells found in the layers of your dermis, which will hasten the development of collagen. In doing so, it will aid the plumping of your skin, making it firmer and smoothing out any prominent wrinkles.   

For Dullness

When we are young, our skin does more than we realize. It will naturally exfoliate every two weeks, giving you that youthful complexion without you actually having to do anything. The outer layer of skin – the epidermis - will shed and leave behind the young, glowing complexion of youth. But, as we age, this skin will become dull due to the reduced amount of blood flow into the skin cells.  

How Ginseng Helps…

This super-root can help combat and reduce the unwanted dismal, lackluster exterior of dull skin. If you introduce ginseng-laden products into your skin care regime, you will notice your skin will become brighter and more restored. 

For Sensitive Skin

Did you know, that over 44% of all American’s have claimed to suffer from sensitive skin? This can be due to a number of conditions - from eczema and acne, to genetic complaints, and is also more prominent in women. Problems with your skin can become an obstacle in your everyday life, especially if you find that you’re hypersensitive to many things that are put into cheaper, supermarket products. Unfortunately, sensitive skin can affect us at any point in our lives, too, so it is good to know how to reduce and battle any difficulties.

How Ginseng Helps…

Ginseng root can aid both internally and externally, which is great if you need it to help with sensitive skin. Ginseng has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce visual redness, puffiness, and pumps on your skin when applied topically. All the things you may deem as imperfections, Ginseng has the power to correct. These properties can also help reduce uncomfortable skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

For Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common condition that causes dark spots, redness, and discoloration of the skin. It can be incredibly distressing for anyone who suffers from it, and patches are often referred to as ‘age spots’. Patches of skin can appear darker than surrounding areas, making a lot of sufferers insecure and conscious of their skin. Hyperpigmentation happens when the skin produces more melanin than it is meant to, and is more common in darker skin tones. Although this is an incredibly common condition, it is not nice for the sufferer and doesn’t always go away on its own.

How Ginseng Helps…

Ginseng is the perfect answer for anyone suffering from hyperpigmentation. Ginseng actually helps the melanin production in the skin, balancing any uneven skin tone you may have. There are lots of negative environmental factors that attack our skin, including free radicals and pollutants, but ginseng can act as a barrier, protecting the pores from accumulating dirt and creating dark spots.

Final Thoughts

When our skin doesn’t look or feel the way we want it to, it can give us insecurities and difficulties which then, in turn, can cause a lot of distress and damage to our mental wellbeing. Start treating your skin right and giving it the extra support that it needs in order for you to feel at your best. Once you’ve introduced ginseng into your skincare routine – you will notice a positive difference to your skin almost immediately.  

Here at Cel, we've recognized the skin-saving benefits of ginseng, and have taken it one step further... by reaping the rejuvenating properties of Ginseng Stem Cells in our best-selling skin care products. This technology delivers incredible anti-aging and skin-saving results, after just a few weeks! 




Becca Trigg

An enthusiastic content writer, in love with finding inventive ways to care for our locks. Over the past few years, I have been able to gain ample haircare knowledge; specifically stem cell research and how it can be utilised to give our hair the beauty boost it needs. When I'm not in the office, I'm sitting in a country pub or watching crime documentaries.