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We Can Guess You're Making These 8 Cleansing Mistakes...
We Can Guess You're Making These 8 Cleansing Mistakes...

Cleansing is simple, right? Not much to it, just wipe away the makeup and you’re good to go? Well, you'll be surprised to know that there's more to it than that. And we can bet you’ve made all of these mistakes more than once, too. Not cleansing right can cause a number or problems, including breakouts, irritation, dryness and excess oil! So whether you have a one or 101-step routine to end your day, we listed some common cleansing mistakes we all make at some point or another, and what to do instead... 

1. Face Wipes

Without even touching upon the environmental concerns, face wipes are a no-no. They may be an easy option, but is it worth damaging your skin? The majority of wipes are jam-packed with chemicals, and they’re less than gentle on your dermis. The amount of rubbing you have to do to remove your mascara is damaging to the already delicate skin around your eyes, not to mention the lack of actual cleansing they do! Steer clear of this easy option, and stick to a decent, gentle cleanser and water instead!

2. And The Harsh Cleansers

When you have oily skin, there’s a temptation to go for a harsh cleanser that’s going to strip away all the oil on your face. But this will only make the problem worse. When you strip away the oil, your skin's natural reaction is to produce more oil to make up for it, and this is what usually causes oily skin! So, if your skin is oily, go for a gentle cleanser that will effectively remove your makeup without stripping way the necessary oils.

3. One Wash Will Do?

Think again! Not just from makeup, but everything you put on your skin can build up, like sunscreens, hydrators and all the air pollution throughout the day, which means that one wash is probably not enough. Go in for another, and make sure you really reach deep into your pores.

4. Switching Water Temperatures

So while you may have heard that hot water will open your pores and cold water will close them, all this temperature change puts your skin into shock. Keep the water lukewarm throughout, and make sure you are extremely gentle when rubbing.

5. Scrub Scrub Scrub

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshly exfoliated skin, and it’s an easy way to feel like you thoroughly cleansed your face. But over-exfoliating can tear the pores and create fine lines and wrinkles. It may also lead to exaggerated skin irritation, and leave you with a red, sensitive dermis. Look after your skin and keep exfoliating to once a week! 

6. Soaking Up Cream Cleansers

Cream cleansers are great for soothing dry skin, and they generally feel great when applied, but they’re not meant to be left to soak in like a moisturizer! Once they are, they are less effective at cleansing the skin. Make sure that they’re being used in the same way a normal cleanser would be.

7. Not Doing Your Reading

We can all safely say that we’re all guilty of this from time to time. It says all it needs to say on the front, right? Wrong! Make sure you take a look at the ingredients on the back, too. An ingredient to avoid is sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent that can be a harsh aggressor is you use it everyday. 

8. Splurging

Keep cleansing simple, because there’s no reason why cleansers should cost a bomb. Choose a cleanser without unnecessary frill and leave the hard work to the serums!

Our Verdict

Cleansing, as a part of our day-to-day routine, can be over-looked. But making sure you wash away the days makeup and built-up dirt and oils is key to looking after your skin, and making sure it's prepped for whichever other products you use afterward. It's so important to make sure you're doing it properly, and not making one of these common mistakes. By doing so, you can make sure your skin truly looking its best, and you can really clean deep in your pores every evening!


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