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What is a ‘Skincare Diet’ and Should You be Doing it?

So you may or may not have heard of the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine (if you haven’t, check it out here), and a ‘Skincare Diet’ is pretty much the opposite of this! Think of the well known phrase "Less Is More", this regimen is a rebellion against lengthy, complex routines, and strips skincare back to basics. 

Why the minimalist approach is often best

Although the word ‘diet’ comes with negative connotations, it simply means stripping your skincare routine down to three steps. This means that you can avoid any harsh, active ingredients which could potentially harm your skin.

This approach has stemmed from the craze of using too many products in one go, i.e the 10-Step Routine, which can often cause redness, sensitivity and can even dermatitis in the worst cases.

Skin sensitivity due to a long and extensive routine is a valid concern, especially when using harsh products like retinols and salicylic acid that can really irritate the skin and potentially harm it (particularly when used on top of one another).

If there are certain products which you feel like you rely on, then there is also the ‘elimination diet’, which consists of stripping your skincare down to three steps and gradually over time introducing products, one by one, to see if your skin actually needs them.

So, what does the 'Skincare Diet' consist of?

Step 1. Face Wash /Cleanser

This is the beginning of any good routine. The best thing to do is look for gentle cleanser that won’t be harsh on your skin. If you wear makeup, then you can double cleanse with an oil cleanser, too. 

Step 2. Moisturizer

Hydration is always key (yes, even for you oily-skinned-folk). Your skin needs enough moisture in order for it to carry out all its normal metabolic functions, like combatting inflammation, regenerating and promoting cellular turnover. This means, keeping your skin hydrated will help with its elasticity and without it you can be causing wrinkles and dull skin.

Step 3. SPF

There is no denying that SPF is an incredibly important, and after all, up to 90% of aging is caused by UV damage. This means that using SPF daily can truly halt premature aging. And not to mention, it will help reduce your chance of skin cancer, too.

The Verdict

The most important thing for you to do when it comes to trying either the extensive 10 Step Routine or the Skincare Diet is to listen to your skin. With anything, introduce new products slowly and one at a time, so you know whether you really need the products or not. Stripping your skin care routine is often a good way to find out what you really need, so you can add specific products (such as eye creams and the weekly face mask) as and when you need to.

By minimizing your skincare routine, you can cut back on irritation and only use products that support the skin natural functions, rather than overwhelming it. 


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