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Self-Care Tips To Get You Through The Holidays!
Self-Care Tips To Get You Through The Holidays!

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Summary: It's been another long hard year, and self care seems more important than ever! But, why is self care important and what are some self care tips you can implement this holiday season?


Why Is Self Care Important?

Despite 2022 being the first year properly back after an intense pandemic full of social distancing and self-isolation, it can still feel pretty overwhelming to go back into enormous social occasions like the holidays. Yes, as humans, we thrive off of social connections but when we've been starved of it for so long, it can still take a while to adjust back into it!

So, self care is still an important thing to prioritize despite restrictions all over the world have and are gradually lifting to normality. Little personal time-outs can help you feel more emotionally balanced, capable and calm. We’ve put together 8 essential tips and advice to help you in stay in positive and healthy place during the winter holidays.

Organize your space

We’re not saying to go in heavy on a spring clean, but organizing your home and living spaces can actually be a great way for calming down the mind and relieving stress. Don’t get overwhelmed by tasking yourself with decluttering the entire house all in one day, just take one corner at a time. This will help you spruce up your space whilst calming down your potentially whirring, overwhelmed brain.


Did you know that the act of breathing can do wonders for your happiness levels? Deep inhaling and exhaling flood our symptoms with endorphins (our happy hormone!) which tells our brain to chill out.

If you haven’t already, try to meditate each day. There are loads of apps out there to download and try if you think you need some additional guidance. It’s totally simple too: turn your phone away, and just focus on your breathing!

Deep breathing can also help your skin: a true bonus! It will flush any excess carbon dioxide from the body and replace it with oxygen which is vital for cell energy. By improving circulation via your breath, you will invigorate your cells and minimize the impact of stress on your skin too.

tea bowl and book

Keep a routine

Humans thrive on routine and the holidays tend to shift our schedules by default, and this can leave you feeling out of kilter. Try to get up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time every night where possible. Schedule meal breaks, screen breaks, social time, and exercise breaks and really try to stick to them (although this is easier said than done when trying to see all your loved ones!). This will help your brain manage the business of the holidays much better.

Stay active

Moving our bodies can really help keep those stresses and overwhelming feelings at bay. There are millions of work out videos on the internet and plenty of apps and influencers to follow online, if you're not comfortable going back to a gym yet. 30 minutes of exercise per day is the recommendation. The holidays can be quite a physically inactive period, other than a post-lunch walk, so it’s essential to help keep the blood flowing and the body active for a healthy mind.

Step away from the screen

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not claiming TV is bad – there are some incredible films to watch again and again over the festive period on a variety of platforms. But, too much screen time can have a negative effect on your brain’s structure and function and really dampen your mood. 

Take some time away from your computer, phone, tablet or television and read that book you’ve always said you wanted to read or play a game with friends and family. You may even feel like you’ve accomplished something too!

superfood bowl

Maintain a good diet

The holidays are full of sweet treats and sugary bites. But, it’s vital to look after your health all year round, so make sure you’re getting the right nutrients. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables where possible and supplement your diet with vitamins and mineral tablets where needed. You can find vitamins and supplements in large supermarkets, or online.

Water plays a massive part here too, so keep up that all-important hydration. It’s key to feeling and looking healthy. As well as defogging the mind, it encourages your skin to stay clear and strengthens your immune system. Set a timer on your phone to remind yourself to drink a glass of water every hour!

Pet your pet

If you have a pet, make sure to prioritize some quality time with them over the festive period. They may be feeling the strain of a shaken up routine too! Simply petting your pet can release lots of happy hormones into your brain and body.

Treat yourself

Schedule in some you time whether that’s a bath with that bath bomb you’ve been waiting to use, don a face mask or hair treatment or give yourself an at-home manicure. These little self-presents are a wonderful way of keeping your happy hormones high!


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