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Presell [Cellular Restoration]

New "Ginseng Stem Cell Mask" Could Repair Lasting Skin Damage In 30 Minutes

By Felicity Connor, Stem Cell MD

A NY based stem cell expert has developed a remarkable face mask that uses healing-optimised ginseng cells to repair damaged & aging skin in just 30 minutes a week.

The clever healing mask is made from millions of ginseng peptides that communicate with your own stem cells, telling them to rebuild beautifully clear, glowing skin from the deepest layer.

The masks have been hailed for their incredible ability to boost the skin's own healing properties, helping repair deadly damage that lies deep beneath the surface of the skin - while also filling in wrinkles, restoring color and smoothening the skin.

Unlike other stem cell products on the market, the masks are made 100% ethically from healing optimised ginseng stem cells. One doctor put it best saying "with these masks you get the powerful skin healing properties of stem cells, without the ethical dilemma of using real human stem cells. A brilliant invention".



So, What's It Called?

The Stem Cell MD Nanotech Face Mask is a simple 30 minute sheet mask that uses stem cell healing technology to repair and restore healthy skin.

As we grow older, our skin cells and their ability to regenerate slows down. This creates wrinkles, weakens skin and leaves it vulnerable to damage.

Skincare products traditionally mask these symptoms, however the Stem Cell MD Nanotech Face Mask actually rewires your skin to repair and regenerate as if it were young again.

The incredibly powerful ginseng peptides are specially designed to seek out damaged tissue and send repair signals to your stem cells, helping restore healthy skin at a cellular level.

Stem Cell MD says this makes the mask an "all-round anti-aging solution", and has been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Restore natural color

  • Rehydrate & revive dry patches

  • Smoothen bumps & uneven contours

  • Be effective after-surgery skincare

  • Thicken & strengthen skin, protecting it from daily damage

    Millions of Americans are putting themselves at risk of health issues by letting their skin age. Thanks to Stem Cell MD, restoring youthful skin is now availble in every American's home. Get your Nanotech Face Mask Here >>

    How To Order A Stem Cell Face Mask

    To celebrate the recent launch of Stem Cell MD Nanotech Face Mask, there is a 25% off sale which is a great way to get started and experience the product. That said, due to high demand stock is currently running very low so we cannot guarantee availability on the product beyond today.