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Hair systems benefits

  • Customized hair solution

    Customized hair solution

  • Access to hair care specialists

    Access to hair care specialists

  • Free membership to  Cel’s expert-curated  Health & Beauty group

    Free membership to Cel’s expert-curated Health & Beauty group

  • Gifts and multiple  discounts will be available  during your hair journey

    Gifts and multiple discounts will be available during your hair journey

How it Works

  • Step 1 - Identify your hair goal

    Complete short and free questionnaire to help our experts identify the right hair treatment to suit your needs

  • Step 2 - Receive a detailed plan tailored to your hair needs

    Your customized hair system will include a variation of haircare treatments, free gifts and supporting materials to achieve best results

  • Step 3 - Track your progress and receive expert advice

    Talk with our haircare specialists whenever you need and track your progress with experts’ support throughout your treatment. 

Eva Proudman

“Cel’s Hair Systems are created by a team of hair professionals to enhance your scalp and hair health.”

Eva Proudman, Cel Resident Trichologist


  • <p><strong>@</strong>artbecomesyou</p>


    “​I’ve had time to really get in there and give my hair a proper complete wash routine and I must say my hair is prospering! As you can see, my hair feels so soft. I absolutely love it.”

  • <p><strong>@</strong>hannah_dorman</p>


    “This couldn’t have come at a better time, my poor hair needed some serious TLC after 2 heavy sessions of bleach to get to pink 🥵 I’ve been using @celmd_beauty’s microstem shampoo, conditioner and hair stimulation serum for the past month and after all my hair had been through with the bleach I thought it would feel like straw but it feels SOFT, what a miracle!’

  • <p><strong>@</strong>eriikalima</p>


    “Shinier and thicker hair for life - that’s what I want! 😍🙌🏼 @celmd_beauty has helped a lot to keep it up! I’ve noticed a lot of changes since I started using it a month ago! You should try it!”

  • <p><strong>@​vstylist_tamy_lugo</strong></p>


    “​These are the results after using ​@celmd_beauty
    My hair is naturally thick and now feels even thicker, but I really don’t mind. It also feels soft and smells great. Thanks to a specialized Stem Cell Formula, the Shampoo & Conditioner helps to repair and strengthen damaged hair. I feel really good knowing these are hypoallergenic, paraben, sulfate free, and cruelty free!”

  • <p>@irosenav</p>


    “​I love the way my hair feels and looks. I have hair loss due to Postpartum and hypothyroidism…
    Apart from eating right and exercising , I changed my hair care to @​celmd_beauty​ shampoo and conditioner with natural Plant extracts, Ginseng and Biotin, with no Paraben and Sulfates, this formula encourages high cell turnover to promote new hair growth. I’m loving my results.”

  • <p>@poisedpetite</p>


    “I’ve always had thick hair but as I age, I notice my hair getting thinner. To help with that I have been using Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner by Cel. Their products encourage high cell turnover to promote new hair growth👏. They are also:

    Paraben and Sulfate free, Cruelty free, Hypoallergenic and Suitable for all hair types - chemically treated or not. 

    I’m loving the results!”

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