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Our New "Stem Cell" Formula Could Revive Dying Hair Follicles

Our scientists have developed a new formula that uses ginseng stem cells to combat hair thinning and stimulate dying follicles.

Stem cells have long been known for their abilities to help repair damaged cells & fight hair loss. Recently, our talented group of Korean scientists found a way to harness the anti-hair loss properties of ethically sourced ginseng stem cells to develop a new hair strengthening & growth stimulation formula.

What's more, they have finally released the formula to the public, already laying claim to a huge impact on the beauty industry. To this date, thousands of Americans have already tried & tested, reporting overwhelmingly positive results with thicker, stronger hair and a reduction in loss.


So, What's It Called?

The Cel MD Hair Stimulation Pack is a simple two-stage hair regrowth and thickening solution.

As we grow older, our hair cells and their ability to regenerate slows down. This creates dry, thin & weaker hair and leaves it vulnerable to damage every day.

Haircare products traditionally mask these symptoms, however the Cel MD Hair Stimulation Pack aims to boost hair growth and provide essential nutrients that help new hair to thrive and grow healthily from each root to the tip. Many users are already calling it the no.1 solution for damaged, brittle hair, because of its brilliant benefits including:

  • Enhanced Arginine Extract - to promote hair growth at a cellular level2

  • Ginseng Stem Cells - to revive hair follicle health & strengthen hair1

  • Olive Fruit Extract - to help nourish, hydrate & protect hair from damage3

  • Biotin - which has been clinically proven to help boost hair growth & thicken hair4

To celebrate the launch of our new product, you can now get the Cel MD Hair Stimulation Pack for 25% off – a fantastic way to get the product at a great price and try it for yourself! Due to high demand, stock is running low so we cannot guarantee stock availability beyond today.

Click the button below to activate your 25% off discount for Cel MD's Hair Stimulation Pack.


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