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Stem Cell Hair Formula + Ampules

This "Stem Cell" Breakthrough Could Revive Dying Hair Follicles

A NY based stem cell expert has developed a remarkable hair follicle formula that could have your dead and damaged hair cells revitalised in no time.

Made from a unique combination of plant-based stem cells the formula is specifically designed to invigorate the scalp and stimulate damaged follicles, helping dead and dying hairs to re-grow. Users of the product are loving it, calling it the “Ultimate Hair Formula” after seeing new thicker & healthier hair.

What’s most interesting is that unlike other hair products on the market, this formula combines Asparagus Stem Cell technology with a breakthrough delivery method called “Ampoule Treatment”, which can help block DHT, the “hair-killing” hormone. The formula has been scientifically proven to:

  • Stimulate damaged and dying hair follicles

  • Lengthen the time of the growth phase of the hair cycle

  • Promote healthy, thick and durable hair

So, What's It Called?

The Cel MD Stimulating Hair Formula is a simple hair regrowth and thickening solution using scientifically proven methods to help even the most desperate of cases.

Did you know, as you grow older, the hair cells on your body lose their ability to regenerate - meaning hair growth slows down, and in some cases, completely stops. This in turn leads to dry, thin & weak hair and leaves it vulnerable to irreparable damage.

While mainstream healthcare brands have known about this issue for years, many haircare products in stores today only mask these symptoms rather than tackle the root cause - a “hair killing” hormone called DHT which actually increases with age.

Luckily the hair specialists at Cel MD have managed to create a breakthrough formula that actually blocks this “hair killing” hormone, stimulating hair growth and providing the exact nutrients that will allow new hair to thrive and grow healthily.

Millions of Americans are putting themselves at risk of hair loss by not taking proper care of their hair . Thanks to Cel MD, The Stimulating Hair Formula is now available in every American’s home. Get your Pack Here >>


To celebrate the recent launch of Cel MD Hair Stimulation Formula, there is a 25% off sale which is a great way to get started and experience the product. That said, due to high demand stock is currently running very low so we cannot guarantee availability on the product beyond today.